Sunusi Lamido Sunusi Tribalism is not our problem


Sunusi Lamido Sunusi
Tribalism is not our problem. Tribalism and religion are artificial
problems created by selfish leaders for their own personal
interest. There are only two major tribes in Nigeria. The Elites and
the Masses. Once you make lots of money, you belong to the elite
tribe. When you are a commoner or suffering, you belong to the
tribe of the masses. If you are an elite, and you need more power,
or elective position, you sow seeds of tribalism and religion among
the masses, so as to sway their emotion for your personal victory.
This happens at both the national and state level. Unfortunately,
after the election when they have won and joined their “sworn
enemies” to drink and party, the gullible masses continue to fight
each other. Even smart people who belong to the masses,
sometimes will sow seeds of tribalism and religion among the
masses, and then the masses will carry them up until they belong
to the elite class. It is a classic strategy used over 3000 years ago
in the art of war. A commoner who aspires to sit with the elites,
could stir up powerful tribal or religious sentiments, such wave if
properly utilized either by shedding blood or destabilizing the
elites, carries the commoner to the elite class. But once there, he
immediately mingles and makes peace with the elite tribe, and turn
his back on the same masses that helped him get there. Youths
are the worst victim of this powerplay, they kill each other, call
other tribes unprintable names, do terrible things and sometimes,
even lose their life, thinking they are fighting for their right, not
knowing that they are fighting for the personal welfare of
someone, whose own children are probably safe in America or
London. So youths, don’t hope on the government. If you don’t
have a job, create one. There is abject poverty in the south as well
as the north, whether Ogoni or Maidugri. At the same time, there is
massive wealth in Lagos, Onitsha, Nnewi, Aba, Kano, Abuja,
irrespective of zone. Whatever your hand finds to do, do it well
and never remain idle. No job is too low for an idle hand, or else
the devil will find work for you. As you become independent, and
grow your capacity, do not lose hope in Nigeria. We are the largest
economy in Africa and soon the world will fear us. Western
powers, don’t like big economies that threaten them, America will
do anything to break China, but China is wise to resist that. China
has 1.6 billion people, we have only 170 million, and we are talking
of breaking. China has 5 major religions which are Buddhism,
Confucianism, Taoism, Islam and Christianity. Nigeria has only 2
major religions, Christianity and Islam. Yet we claim that religion
is our problem. America, the strongest economy is comprised of
every tribe in the world, since they accept anybody from any part
of the world. Yet they are united and extremely patriotic. Nigeria
has only 3 major tribes, and we claim tribalism. Think clearly and
deeply, and you will realize that empowering yourself is the best
course of action, not fighting each other. And once the youths are
empowered, they can begin to take back their future from the
hands of the old and corrupt generation that has been blinding
Nigerians with hatred, while looting all her resources. Sani
Abacha’s loot is still stashed away in Switzerland, did he use it to
develop the north? Those that stole billions under GEJ stashed it
away in foreign banks, bought expensive toys, jets and foreign
homes, are they using it to develop the south? Now the ones
stealing currently, including the “grasscutters”, are looking for
Ikoyi apartments, abandoned houses, and pit toilets to hide it, are
they using it for the youths in their tribe? NO! Youths shine your
eyes ! Don’t always fall for this tribal, religious sentiments over
and over again. Nigeria is bigger than these corrupt elites. copied
are the problem, not the poor masses.


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