Symptoms of stress you may not notice

The average person is more stressed than they would like to admit. It’s like this country is designed to make sure that her citizens are as stressed as possible, from work to school, even at home.
It’s important to be more mindful about alleviating our stress and paying attention to the warnings the body will definitely give us, but some of them are so commonplace that they may be overlooked as “normal”.
Watch out for these symptoms:
Insomnia: Being unable to sleep on time is a sign of extreme stress because your body is so wound up you cannot relax.
Alopecia: Hair falls out normally. But if your hair starts shedding more than is normal, or your hairline is suddenly receding, then you should evaluate whether you are stressed.
Bursts of anger: Road rage and other forms of irrational anger are signs of stress. Don’t ignore when you find yourself annoyed and shouting at the littlest provocation.
Memory lapses: Don’t just say “I’m very forgetful these days”, there might be something seriously wrong with you and you need to evaluate if you‘ve been more stressed than normal.
Knowing what’s wrong is the first step to fixing it.

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