Take corrections or you will lose your relationship

Before that relationship/marriage ends, the guy/husband would
have been dropping hints but you were not sensitive enough to
pick it. For instance, “xoxo, I hate the way you scream at me in
front of my friends.” If you are naive, you may laugh, jokingly say
“I’m sorry” and go your merry way but know that a man doesn’t
complain bitterly until he can’t handle that situation any more or
it’s giving him serious headache!
If he constantly compares you with a particular lady after
correcting you over and over again, it is not a joke, either you
adjust to his correction, or lose him to that lady, I’m talking reality
here, no sentiment!
One lady was fond of going on her two knees to greet my fiance
while on campus. She would give him a big, mighty welcome each
time he visits (they were platonic friends before we met) and would
cook one powerful vegetable soup for him and his friend (he
usually went in the company of his male friend).
She was respectful, loving and so adorable. My darling didn’t see
her beyond a friend but would casually talk about how he treated
him. I would nod knowingly, praise the lady and encourage him to
keep the fire of the friendship burning.
The next time he visited, I went on my two knees to welcome him,
cooked a more powerful egusi soup killed with locust beans and
the appropriate garnishes. Hubby soon forgot about his friend.
That was the last female friend he ever had.
It’s stupid to fight over a man. I see ladies go dirty in public over a
fiance/husband who doesn’t give a hoot if she dies of high blood
pressure! You can’t force a man to stay with you forever, you must
find your way to his heart, listen to the hints, take the corrections
and adjust appropriately before it is too late. Same for the man,
you must adjust quick to her before someone snatches your
fiancee/wife from you.
When I drop a hint someone is giving me attention, hubby doesn’t
scream mad or blow the roof unless the home breaker has the
audacity to demand for what is not his. He will simply take the
clues and work on it. The intruder is soon forgotten. We both take
hints and adjust as soon as possible.
Some fights in the marriage are a complete waste of precious time
and energy! Some affairs men and women are secretly having are
totally unnecessary. If their spouses can take hints and clues, they
will meet each other’s needs and wouldn’t think of having an
If he is complaining about the missionary style, try another, spice
up your s3x life (I’m talking to married couples), try cow girl, rear
entry or sitting, spice things up and let him stop fantasizing about
his sec. who has been seducing him for ages but has not been
giving her his attention!
If she keeps praising her colleagues who always look good and
smell nice, you will do well to work on your looks and invest in
good perfume! If she complains you don’t give her attention when
she talks, don’t wait till you lose her before you adjust.
Courtship prepares you for marriage, adjust to one another! Take
correction. Learn how to submit to a man, learn how to treat a
woman with love, care and affection.
Don’t be stubborn, rigid, proud, pompous, arrogant, rude and
sassy! Be flexible, teachable, humble, meek and caring.

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