The beautiful reality about marriage

Every hour will not be happy hour. There will be times
when she will not even look attractive to you. There will be nights
when it will feel like your body is immune to her touch and
sexiness, wrapping your warm arms around her in bed will not be
interesting to you as it once were, all you will just want to do is
maintain your own side of the bed and sleep yourself away. When
these moments come bro, do not believe for a second that the
grass will be greener on the other side, rather than chase after new
adventures with other beautiful ladies in skimpy skirts and nice
curves, buy your wife some new sets of underwear, and then find
new ways to take them off.”
As the year 2018 slowly comes to an end, I want to leave someone
here with this advice too;
Don’t be like those people who go into marriage with false
expectations. You won’t read the Bible together every single
morning. You will not always pray together every single night.
Some days one of you will be working late, distracted or too tired
to say an ‘Amen’ to a simple sentence prayer.
You won’t watch your favourite TV programs in peace every time.
You won’t remember to flush the toilet sometimes. Some nights
you will sleep off before you remember to say I love you. The love
making will not last five minutes most times. You will miss the
family dinner sometimes. You will not rub her feet and comb her
hair while singing her a lullaby every time.
It does not always work like that.
You will fight, fight, fight, argue, and not get along most of the
time. But your love will always be demonstrated by refusing to give
up on each other, no matter the odds. This is the beautiful reality
of marriage.

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