The beauty of a woman

Husbands, dwell with them according to
knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel,
and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers
be not hindered.”
The wife is the weaker vessel. Try that one out at the next
women’s march. You may discover that they are not all that weak.
In the Greek the words weaker vessels are asthenestero skevel.
Asthenestero comes from the root word asthenes which means to
be delicate weak… Skevel is the word for a vessel. Perhaps we
could say that we are to honor the wife as you would with a
delicate piece of merchandise.
A woman is a delicate treasure. Delicate is a word that means
handled with the understanding of purpose, it further means
carefulness and reverence. In my definition, a woman is a temple
treasure of purpose and reverence.
The Bible didn’t really call women weak vessel when you read it
from where it was originally translated. Women are not weak
vessel but they are delicate vessel. King James Version wrongly
translated women as weaker vessel which is contradicting to
God’s idea of who a woman is and what was written in the original
Women are delicate vessel, not weaker vessel. Let it soak in your
spirit. You rather call a woman a temple treasure in my definition
by the Holy Spirit than to call them weaker vessel. Women are not
weak, they are delicate yet strong. If you are a woman, believe me,
you are a delicate treasure, and not a weak vessel.
Every woman have a glorious destiny to live and fulfil in Christ. A
woman has an active contract of favour and goodness on her life,
it’s activated when she gives her heart to Christ. Husbands,
A woman is a helper, not helpless. She is the world’s helper, not
their burden or confusion. This is the right mindset to have in life
as a woman, even before marriage. A woman is a symbol of God’s
favour, fully activated when she gives her heart to Christ. A
woman is destined for goodness.


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