The beauty of igbo vs hausa, fulani women

Igbo women are most beautiful and this has been proven
practically by their prevalence as winners in both local and
international beauty pageants.
Most times, the uninitiated focuses on the face to tell beauty but it
goes beyond that. Some of the basic factors considered for beauty
pageants are as follows -:
HEIGHT is considered prime in beauty pageants. Contestants are
expected to be between 5ft 9ins and 6ft 1in. Agbani Darego – Miss
World, Oluchi Onweagba – Face of Africa, and Bianca Onoh are all
6ft 1ins. Grace Jones who starred in James Bond films was a
startling beauty queen at 6ft 4ins from Southern Africa.
BONE STRUCTURE is another factor that is prime in beauty
contests. Beauty queens are expected to be without physical flaws
like knocked knees and bandy legs.

VITAL STATISTICS is very important to merchants of beauty. To
keep shape actually involves keeping fit. There is a necessary food
and physical régime to keep that lithe hour glass figure.
INTELLIGENCE is integral in beauty. A quick mind is considered
beautiful while a dull- mind is automatically ugly.
BREEDING is the sum total of the education, poise,comportment,
temperament, diction, taste, mannerisms, convictions, worldview
etc. Excellent breeding is highly recommended in beauty queens
because they also serve as role models who must champion
courses to the benefit of mankind.
ATTRACTIVE FACE which is the cause of the subjective post is
important but the least of the characteristics in a beauty pageant.
As far as a face is smooth without scarifications, cross-eyed or
other deformities, it is beautiful and can be contrived to achieve the exquisite beauty intended.
Beauty pageants are highly technical and technological and have
gone beyond the subjective assessment of only face beauty.
On the average Fulani ladies seem more facially attractive than
others but there is a select top 5% of Igbo ladies that are beautiful
beyond belief who have all it takes to be world beaters. It is this
select group that have dominated Africa in international beauty

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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