The biggest problem facing Nigerians is Nigeria and it politicians

Going from how Nigerians rate important people, I can comfortably tell you I am not anywhere close to importance. I am not anywhere into politics. You need to be a politician, drink, share a table and snap pictures with politicians to be important to Nigerians. I can’t be said to be a rich fellow. I am only but a mere school Teacher, a Philosopher and a Historian. I so much believe in the young minds. I always prepare their minds to be able to face Nigeria. Because I am certain that the biggest problem facing them is Nigeria. It will limit and even kill them.

Speaking truth about Nigeria has really thrown most of us into difficulties. They really wanted all of us to be pretenders and hypocrites. Like belong either in APC or PDP, enjoy the loot in turns
while the greater masses suffer. Today, I got out from the second consecutive ban from Facebook management. It is certain that Nigeria deadly and evil government has been lying to Facebook management against us and probably paying them huge to keep us out of Facebook. This is not the first time Nigeria government told lies against Biafrans. In 1967/70, with the help of Britain they successfully tagged us rebels. And these helped the duo of Britain and Nigeria to bomb and starve to death more than 3million Biafrans for defending their freedom. Recently, they tried again to tag us Terrorists but failed. Thanks to millions of Biafrans who have refused to keep quiet. At times I wonder why some people are still docile, ready to go on voting, even to the extent of campaigning and voting for satisfied criminals and thieves. They rallied round Buhari and brought him to power. He didn’t just disappoint them, he killed them and rendered them paupers. Upon his death, the cabals brought in a double and made him president. This things yet borders not Nigerians.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?

A people that will rather fight those speaking out against the evils going on than confront the evil politicians. Unfortunately, the number that became Atikulated is a sign that we still have people who are not ready to embrace freedom through revolutionary actions. For 58years we have gone from independence to war and from war back to useless military era and back to unproductive Democratic leadership, yet the people are not tired of the rogues in power. Believe me, with what Nigeria politicians have done to Nigerians, calling for only boycott of elections is not enough. The people ought to have armed themselves against these leaders and wipe them all out. That’s the
necessary commiserate action against these rapists masquerading
as leaders.

Ask yourself this singular question .
What have these leaders not done? What?
Look at the hospitals. Nothing works there. Nigerians keep on dying on daily basis. Families keep on burying their deaths, and no one cares. At Nnewi Teaching hospital my student died because they kept postponing her surgery. President Buhari, the senators and political appointees keep on traveling abroad for medical check up. Even the people will be defending the politicians, demanding they did be allowed to travel abroad for treatment. Some of these myopic individuals will accuse those standing against it of talking because they don’t have money. Tell me more about a defeated people. Take a look on Nigeria roads. Roads killing Nigerians on daily basis. The worse is the south East roads. No housing project. No pipe born waters. In Nigeria there are demarcation between the rich politicians and the masses. And funny enough the masses sees it as normal and got no problem with it. At government residential areas you did be arrested for trespassing. They blow sirens, run on motorcade on top speeds to the amazement of the helpless masses.

At any slightest opportunity, they unleash soldiers on the people who mow down people in their thousands. President Buhari’s government has killed thousands of IPOB members. Many are still in jail, yet he allowed his Fulani herdsmen to keep slaughtering people unchallenged. Unfortunately, the only confrontation the people put on is to resurrect a corrupt ex para military man, an 8year VP, a co-destroyer of Nigeria to be elected come 2019. These people become rich once they join politics. They recruit sophists on social Media, people you have trusted over time to lie for them and you keep buying their lies. Let me tell you one thing. If you are a good writer, you can beautifully defend even the Satan if you want to. That most of us remain for the truth is an honest choice we have made. And we have no regrets. There is no justified reason to campaign for any politician
presently in Nigeria. Not even for Moghalu. Those supporters of Nigeria politicians are ignorant, selfish, corrupt and evil. Nigeria deserved no other thing than a complete shutdown.

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