The case study of Nigerian party politics-Ismail Omipidan

The race to me is still open. It can go either way. APC must put its
house in order. Everything must be done to keep Ogun and
Zamfara in its fold. There is still crisis in Bauchi, Adamawa,
Kaduna, Kano, Benue, Imo and a few other states. Any slip at this
point in time could be costly. APC still looks good.
As for the PDP, it must watch it. What seems like a golden
opportunity could elude it if it is not careful. Reward and
motivation are essential ingredients to ginger party supporters and
loyalists to work more for party success. Having picked a returnee
as candidate, it ought to have gone for a core party loyalist as
running mate.
Peter Obi is good no doubt. But he appears not to be a good team
player. In 2011, South East contributed over 5million votes to the
PDP. But in 2015, with Obi in charge as the zonal coordinator,
South East contributed a little over 2millon votes. Obi caused it
because he appropriated the whole process to himself and other
party leaders went to sleep.
Again, Obi contributed to PDP’s loss in the last election in
Anambra because of the way he went about it. He did not carry the
leadership of the party along. With Obi as running mate, Mark my
words, Anambra will go to APC. Besides, since Obi is a strong
member of the Atiku political family, Atiku should have picked
someone outside his political family from the same South East.
But now that he has been picked, the South East must find a way
to accommodate, just as Obi too must learn from the past.
This is injury time. Time to tidy up loose ends. It is up to the APC
and the PDP to do the needful. I rest my case for now

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