The church is meant to be a place of hope, a place where people seek for help and intervention, a place that wipe away people tears who are suffering in whatever way.

However the reverse is the case. Currently the church is an agent of exploitation, the church is an agent of agony, the church is now the birthplace of suffering, and the church is now the new era of indicators of colonialism and neocolonialism who are continuously devising various means to exploit their members who are meant to be the key to the foundation of the church.
Moreso, an incidence happen, where the masses contributed willingly for a priest in the locality, instead of the priest to appreciate the fact that this poor masses really did their best by contributing their tiny little token to show appreciation to the priest, instead the priest bounce on them, ask them to go with their gift and contributions on the fact that their offer was lesser than what he expected. What a shame.
The church is now an agent of discrimination, I personally experience this by The ALL SAINT CHURCH, I was seeking for a job in an all saint secondary school after graduating from the university and serving my country for a year. It was annoying to experience this form of discrimination by this church. On getting to the premises, submitted by resume to the woman in charge, the next question that surface was “do you worship with all saint church” I said no and the woman replied me, young man I will advise you to look for another place because here works are reserve for all sainters alone.
Currently the secondary schools under the housing of seminary schools who are supposed to be charging a penny for their academics offerings in the educational sectors are now the ones charging an unimaginable tuition.
Not to talk of the behaviors of our priest this days, ask those closer and working in a mission schools on feedback on the behaviors of priest to their workers.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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