The crises between journalist and politics in Nigeria

This is strictly the realities of social life, prevailed by normative
defects and fallible distinctions. There are severe limits to the
advancement of the society. Marginalization, oppression and aides
are out there looking below repair. Moreover, the fear of helping
the people and masses is rather non-qualitative. One may well
wish to further approve the bitterness between the close bond of
the nation, government, sovereignty and the people. But such an
insight much like prevailing stories of partiality can reduce the
mortality of inequality, focus on aggregate stratification and
unavoidably lace downward pestilence if the quest for a good
society is admired.
It follows that, in seeking a democratic society, the totality and in
especial conformity, the culture of practice relies heavily on the
respect of one individual to the other and the prescription of the
law. It simplifies, “for a good society, good people, good living and
good existence, there should be a respect for rule of law and
preferential dominance of fundamental human rights”.But what is
the case of Nigeria society skimping on moral ethics and
constitutional vigour, which binds the mode of operation within the
terrestrial measurement of the Nigeria reputation .How will frivolity
be clearly erased from media strategist, upcoming journalist and
media explorers as attacks are launched experimentally, thus, to
create a no space entity where the totality of the society, academic
environment, business family, agricultural department, political
gossip would be doomed of information, idea and opinions.
A fellow journalist, Samuel Ogundipe, was apprehended for a
criminal charge over an investigation he conducted on the basis of
extending an information he viewed vital for the digestion of
general public. He was detained on Tuesday 14th of August
violating the Nigeria Constitution and ethics of Journalism, which
gives entitlement to freedom of expression, receiving and
impacting ideas or information without interference. The arrest
which is thereby illogical was instructed by the Inspector General of
Nigeria Police, Mr Ibrahim Idris, a man of substantial and nerve
racking features in the police service. However, the premium times
reporter was granted bail on Friday morning at a magistrate court
in Abuja. He was arrested for refusing to disclose the source of a
It is pathetic that the IGP abandoned as much of his responsibility
and unattended too crisis within the nationhood appearance of
insecurity, to exercise public confidence and flex power steering
obsession. Of course, the inability of the senior police officer to
read out lines might have quibbled his flinching actions as not to
read and understand the provision of the constitution as well which
pronounced the press as a watchdog and vanguard of truths and
news in any stratification of the economy. It is sympathetic the
IGP missed his beats and quality of leadership, loosed his
thoughts, trust and title, wandered again in the media spaces
tweaking theatrical tragedies.
In Nigeria, there are as many folks interested in creative writing
directed by innate passion to hold a pen, sit closed to a table and
muse themes into blank spaces. This set of believers mentored by
big names, “Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe; youthful bearers as Deji
Yesufu, Adejumo kabir, Ojo Aderemi, Lawal Olayimika among
others”, dives passionately to be advantaged of greater exploit.
The society instead victimises with use of threat and unlike
supremacy earpiercing empirical field work of passion and fashion
in Journalism like other related phenomenom. For almost two
years now, Jones Abiri, a man of forced disappearance without
trial, access to drug, law or family has been detained to grow
political score against the fundamental rights priced to citizenship.
The harsh reality of oppressive individual to thread on journalism,
truths and voice of the people is diversified. Ijioma Caleb of
Adekunle Ajasin University, Akoka Ondo state, an ungrouped
member of the Students union alleged of misappropriation of fund
was also suspended for been opened to the generality of students
populace without a charge of crime, defensively can testify of
grevious attempt of tyrants avoiding prints and pented up truths.
Kunle Adebanjo of University of Ibadan in his memoir of travesty
can reheat his experience. An adaptation of filming threats and
wrongs of the society in publication is pacingly running out of
haste. The scenes of intimidation yets maximises. Surprisingly
who is the next?
Perhaps to appeal to a mainstream audience is the only ground to
see regulation not in shreds but in limelight of rights and hope for
the society.

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