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The major elements of CORRUPT PRACTICES is grid, pride and selfishness.
Corruption is an intangible, that can be felt through grid, pride and selfishness.
And it can be displayed at any group no matter,how small it may be.
When you see a leader making such comment like”if everybody become rich at the same time, who will serve “. Just know he is CORRUPT. If everybody become rich in NIGERIA people from South Africa ,other African countries Europe, Arab will become our servants ,just as they are doing in United Arab Emirate now.
You will easily see grid and selfishness When politicians embezzled billion, private jet ,assorted cars for himself alone.
And you will see them answering mr cement, concrete and tar.
Grid will allow them to watch people die as they pride themselves on how long and how many roads they construct . Which their major means of stealing public money.
Pensioners, unemployed citizens should go to hell. The sad part of the,whole story is when you find out that, this stolen money are eaten by foreign countries where the lute is hidden.
The solution. All top politicians,public office holders , police and army should be visiting the PSYCHIATRIC once every week. While all citizens must do this once every month.
One billion can make a man run mad let alone when you are seeing huge amount everyday. So all politicians have undergo this therapy every week to ensure they can’t touch any money again.
For the police and army, the PSYCHOLOGICAL amplification carrying guns is great. That is the reason most of them engage in crime to the extent that police now mount roads in broad day light light collecting money with all boldness. It is a psychological problem and it can be handled psychologically .
If this happened NIGERIA will be CORRUPT free and When we CORRUPT free nation we developed.

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