I’ve heard how people are ostracized for having no particular
“godfather” in religious settings when they set out independently.
Something totally strange to the scripture.
But what can I do in the world of “fulfilling all righteousness”?
I paid over a 100thousand to be admitted to this pastoral
Before I continue, let me say, “do not blame RCCG Pastors who
either appear wicked or manipulative”. They were trained to be so!
My first ordeal was what birth this look I have on in the photo.
I’d arrived for session with my well trimmed hair and good aura in
a taxi that was hired to carry my belongings that is housed in two
big Ghana Must Go. I was going to be there for the next
7-8months, away from this “sinful world”…lol
One guy whom I choose not to call out here welcome me with a
smile. Very short a guy. Up to my waist level. He helped carry one
bag while I dragged the other.
We got to the hostel and without allowing me to rest, another one
in this kind of shirt I had on called like five of us who arrived at the same time together and gave us a long sermon on why we must
“have message”.
Having message to them I later discovered is to be a dummy.
Just don’t use your reasoning. Just be foolish!
After this, he commanded us to start jumping up – 2 fucking feet
above the ground level.
My heart was palpitating. I was dying gradually. I’d not eaten since I woke up. My excitement to become a Pastor gradually started dwindling. I thought that if I don’t do something, this people will kill me. I’d just recovered from a 2month hospitalisation.
So I feigned Comatose. I fell down after 2hrs of jumping up.
My amazement was that nobody cares.
They say if I can’t withstand stress, how can I withstand demons.
Like seriously?
This welcome torture continues for others as they arrived in
batches. Later that night, we were woken up at 12midnight to pick cutlass and start cutting down bushes.
I’d not held more than a knife in 15yrs. “What if there’s snake?”
“Apostle Paul was bitten by a snake. So show us you have the
power of God in you.” One of them replied.
We dare not kill mosquitoes. “Won’t they eat?” They will shout on us.
After 2hrs, we litered the floor of the dormitory like a refugee, tired, and inhaling each other’s breathe.
All night, I kept thinking that this must be some kind of mistake
that must be reported to the appropriate quarter.
Surprise of my life was discovering that the Provost of the
Institution ordered such treatment in conjunction with the Student
Affair Officer who later became my sworn enemy for my audacity.
We were formally welcomed to the Institution the following day and
election of who would be the governor of my set was done.
Unanimously, I was chosen, for reasons I know not.
Trust me, I started fighting the system.
I make report on every injustice and prove to them why it’s evil.
We build houses on the campus ground under hot sun.
Like the Egyptian Taskmaster, we mould our own blocks from the
scratch, pack sand, mix cement, do all forms of hard labour.
We were given houses of Teachers to clean off campus but within
camp. We wake up as early as 4 to start the day’s struggle and won’t
sleep till 11pm, that is if one DEMONIC FOOL will not wake you up
for a long talk at midnight again. Some of us wash the lecturer’s clothes, their wife’s, and even take their children to school before running back to shower and dash off to class.
One senior who was 18yr old at the time had mandated my people
to jump up under the rain for hours while I was in a meeting and I
heard about it. Quickly I ran down and demanded their release.
I could see that these old men were drenched in their own sweat
and not the rain. The following morning, I was removed as the Governor of my set while still on bed by the SAO.
He replaced me with one religious dude who is very shy and timid
so they could control him. In class, I give it to them hard.
How can you be teaching me how to play “church politics and
conduct programs to raise money” in Bible College?
Those lecturers are jokers on their own.
They talk what they don’t understand.
Bragging like idiots while their vulture eyes feast the ladies.
They called the males “righteousness” and the females “holiness”.
The rule is not to have Relationship with one another during the
course of the schooling but they all get married to one another
barely two months after graduation.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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