The effect of the menace of Nigerian government

The effects of the prevalent menace of Nigeria government
contracted e-rats to invade diverse social media platforms with
concocted, misleading and mischievous narratives regarding the
genocidal war levied against Biafrans years ago, can no longer be
tolerated. The despicable act of annihilation committed by the
Nigerian government with the full support of Harold Wilson led
British government and a band of allies which is presently being
coated with lies and deception on the internet, has provoked some
measure of responses to these false narratives. These e-rats
which are predominantly Yorubas under the guise of justifying their
selfish gains, have resorted to confusing the gullible through their
blackmails against the present Biafra agitations championed by the
Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, under the able
leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They employ dubious and
offensive narratives suggesting that the reason behind the blowing
up of the Niger bridge by Biafra soldiers during the Biafra/Nigeria
war stands as a testimonial that Delta State of today was never
considered as a part of Biafra territory. According to them, if the
government of Biafra and her armed forces actually had Asaba and
environs as her integral parts, the Niger bridge would not have
been touched by the Biafran fighters at the heat of the war. The
narratives are essentially, products of congenital idiots and
academic dwarfs on historical discipline.
It is therefore necessary to put the records straight for knowledge
and posterity, the experiences concerning the history of the
genocidal war levied against Biafrans and how those of them
especially occupying the Eastern part of River Niger, an area
commonly referred today to as South-East, that of the Western part
known as Delta State and Igbanke (Igboakiri) people carved into
Edo State. Let it be pointedly stated before the global community
that prior to the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914 when there
existed nothing at this part of the world known as Eastern Nigeria,
all the territories within the present day Delta State down to the
Atlantic Ocean, were historically known and addressed as Bight of
Biafra. That was why the Baptist Church in the West African sub-
region continued addressing their stations at Onicha-Ugbo, Ughelli,
Ubulu-Unor and Kwale as “Baptist Church of Biafra” until 1954
when they were finally adopted as “Baptist Church of Western
Nigeria”. The church authority in concert with other branches in the
Eastern region, turned to be addressed as Baptist Church in
Eastern Nigeria. The Baptist Church then decided to adopt
“Western Nigeria” for all those at the West part of the Niger and
“Eastern Nigeria”, for all those on that region. According to history,
the name “Biafra” then was going into extinction which was no
more useful for addressing public institutions as it were at the
advent of the church on the land in the year 1872. Had it been
there existed proper consultation, the parishioners of the Southern
protectorate into Eastern and Western regions, 70% of the
territories of Midwest like the present day Delta State and Igbanke
(Igboakiri) people of Edo State would have clearly been part of the
then Eastern Nigeria, the waterways of River Niger notwithstanding
. Unfortunately, these contracted Yoruba e-rats bereft of requisite
historical knowledge who labor to provide analysis bordering on
the people of Delta State do not know these historical realities.
The destruction of the Niger bridge in the cause of that war of
attrition levied against Biafrans, was not precipitated at robbing the
then Midwestern people of their Biafraness, but specifically carried
out by the Biafran forces to scuttle further advancement of the
Nigerian troops into Biafran territories since the fall of Asaba into
the hands of the enemies. Several reasons can be deduced to
buttress the point that the destruction of the Niger bridge was not
meant to carve out the then Midwestern region from the rest of
Biafraland with the followings:
(1) The Biafran government under the leadership of General
Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu not would have employed
military force in ousting the then military governor of Midwest,
Colonel David Ejoor who retained his allegiance to Lagos, and
replaced him with Major Albert Okonkwo whose allegiance was to
Enugu. Had the territories and inhabitants were not seen as
Biafrans, a military officer would have been drafted from the
Eastern region to the government house at Benin-city on
occupational capacity. This was never conceived as a military
officer from the same Midwest, Major Albert Okonkwo who was
appointed by General Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, to hold the
administrative office of the region. He was ousted shortly after by
the Nigerian military and was replaced by Major Samuel Osaigbovo
Ogbemudia whose allegiance was to Lagos, the then Nigerian
capital city.
(2) It is important for these mischievous and grossly jaundiced
analysts to understand that the 33 Brigade of the Biafran army,
Onitsha sector, which blew up the Niger Bridge was then under a
commander called Colonel Joe Achuzie, a bonafide son of Asaba
in Biafraland. How reconcilable then is the narrative that he never
fought for Biafra whereas his hometown of Asaba was already
from Biafra territories and not even recognized as an integral part
of Biafra? According to an interview conducted on late Brigadier
Joe Achuzie prior to his death, he emphasized that Biafran soldiers
in Onitsha sector which was under his command, destroyed the
Niger bridge as a measure strategically adopted to hit back at the
advancing Nigeria armed forces towards Onitsha when Asaba was
captured. Brigadier Joe Achuzie never mentioned that his men
blew off the bridge as a demonstration of cynicism on the plight of
Asaba people which has already fallen into the hands of the
genocidal army of Nigeria
(3) These demonic analysts should also realize that if the Supreme
Military Council that was administering the nation of Biafra during
those war years did not consider Midwest as part of Biafra, Vice
Admiral Anuku from the present day Delta State would not have
been given the office of Biafra Chief of Naval Staff. Admiral Anuku,
like Major Albert Okonkwo, Brigadier Joe Achuzie amongst many
others, gallantly fought for Biafra all through the war. How then
could someone mischievously concoct narratives that the
inhabitants of Biafra territory of the then Midwestern region were
not considered as Biafrans?
(4) Another proof before the global community that Delta State was
as Biafra during the war and fall of Asaba into the hands of
Nigerian army under the command of late Colonel Murtala
Mohammed and is yet today many years after. The Nigerian
soldiers massacred Asaba people in what was described as one of
the worst genocidal devastations of what took place during the
annihilating war. It was such a gruesome massacre that nobody
was left to bury the lifeless bodies which littered the streets of
Asaba. Vultures fed sumptuously on the decomposing bodies. If
the people of Asaba are non-Biafrans, how come Nigerian soldiers
never visited any Yoruba or Esan community within Oduduwa or
ancient Benin kingdom with the same venomous measure of
genocide as that committed in Asaba?
Additional reasons could yet be advanced to buttress the points
that the people of Delta State and Igbanke (Igboakiri) in Edo State
are as Biafrans as today, before, during and after the gruesome
war levied against the Biafran people. The fact that these hired e-
rats are yet reeling in disgusting ignorance, does not and cannot in
anyway change well documented historical records. Every part of
Delta State with Igbanke (Igboakiri) in Edo State remain
permanent/indisputable parts of Biafraland. Arguing in the
contrary either amounts to mischievousness or pitiable ignorance.

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