As a couple if you don’t keep up with the needs of your partner,
you will grow apart. You have to be very sensitive to the needs of
your spouse and deliberately meet them.
The number one secret of relationship and marital success is
meeting emotional needs. When emotional needs are met, it also
reflects on the children, it makes them have a healthy self-esteem
and it produces a peaceful home.
A healthy relationship/marriage is one that is made up of two
Givers who deliberately try to out give each other.
There are 7 different emotional needs of men and also for women.
Let’s examine what they are and how they can be met.

Emotional Needs of Men are :

1. S3x – S3x is more important to a man than food. In marriage
Another woman can meet his other needs, like cooking, laundry etc
but ONLY his wife should meet his sexual needs. Anything outside
this is adultery. (1 Cor 7:4-5) . It can be very frustrating for a man
to have s3xual urge and his wife is not satisfying it. As a married
woman don’t use s3x as a tool for bargaining with your husband.
S3x outside the confines of marriage is sin before God.

2. Good Looks and Appearance. The looks and appearance of a
woman matters to every man single or married. Dress to please
your husband and let him look at you and be proud of you always.

3. Men enjoy Recreational Companionship . Men like to have fun,
make sure you are his fun buddy. Seat out with him, go on
vacations together. Deliberately find out things that he likes
spending time on and accompany him.

4. Men need Respect and Submission . God put EGO in every man.
What a wise woman does is to pamper her man’s ego. Respect
him both in public and in private. Also treat other men around him
with respect and courtesy.

5. Men need Domestic Support. Men love women that are good
and willing to help them with domestic chores.

6. Men need Admiration. Learn to admire and praise his
achievements, his vision and goals. Men hate being compared
with others.

7. Men need Peace. They want to come back and have peace of
mind, make the house a place of peace and refuge for him.

Emotional Needs of Women:

1. Women need affection.
Women crave for attention, they love hearing sweet words. This
includes spending time with her. You can’t give her affection if you
don’t give her attention. Never get tired of telling her how much
you love her in various ways every day.

2. Women need Affirmation. Learn to compliment her looks, meals,
etc. this means that you have to be observant. Notice things about
your woman and always make nice comments on them

3. Woman need Communication. Women need to know what’s
going on in your life at all times, let her know your plans and allow
her to say hers as well.

4. Women need Honesty and Fidelity. They hate being cheated on.
Be transparent with her in everything. Don’t do things that are
shady and suspicious.

5. Women need Financial Support. As a man you must trust God to
be prosperous to take care of your woman. You must be sensitive
to her needs at all times.

6. Women need Leadership. Women like to be led and be guided. A
man is meant to provide direction. Leadership for a man means
having a road map for the family.

7. Women need Protection and Security. The number one area
where you ought to protect her from is from your own family. A
woman should feel secured emotionally, physically, spiritually
around her man. The bible calls them the weaker vessels, so you
must make her feel safe.
Your wife should know about your financial status at all times,
make her your next-of-kin for all your properties and Assets.
When couples learn to meet each other’s needs intentionally, there
will be less conflicts at home and Peace will abound. Start
attending to your spouse emotional needs from today and enjoy
your marriage.

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