The failure of OHANEZE is a lesson to learn

I never wanted to respond to OHANAEZE stupidity over the 100%
saboteurs remembrance day general strike. The bunch of idiots
hypocritically lamented that the “exercise is destroying south east
economy”. This ragtag and anti people group don’t really
understand what economy is all about in the first place, neither do
the idiots understand what IPOB is all about.
I will wish we point our collective empirical thoughts to their
argument on the exercise to see truly if what their argument points
is true. The statement reads in part, “the exercise is destroying
south east economy”.
The first question I will like to ask this idiots is “which exercise”
and “by who”. If the present existing economic structure is
devastating the people, and the people are taking some actions
geard towards enthroning a better economy, how does it concern
the useless OHANAEZE. What is so good with the present
economic structure moulded towards impoverishing the Biafran
populace which OHANAEZE talks about ?
Has OHANAEZE loss her sense to understand and see that nothing
destroys so-called South East Economy greater than deliberate
exclusion of the region from federal government development
plans. If a day sit at home “destroys south east economy “, what is
exclusion and policy of economic strangulation from presidency
doing to the region economy? May be building it! OHANAEZE
should shamefully understand she has gone badly to the bad side
of history.
If the exercise of freedom is destroying as the thieves of
OHANAEZE want us to see, why would OHANAEZE not present her
argument on open debate with us. Where is there intellectualism.
Do they not know that superior arguments propel our actions and
not Abuja monetary inducement that regulates her anti peoples
actions. What the parochial IGBO idiots failed to understand that
Biafra is not Igbo affairs, neither was the exercise observed only in
Igbolands only.
If there is anything soo disturbing to OHANAEZE, it is how IPOB
refuses to die despite their heavy coalition with their Fulani
paymaster in killing and kidnapping many Biafrans through
operation python dances. What these idiots failed to understand is
that they and their governors are seen by Biafrans are
representatives of the occupyers of Biafraland. They are not in
anyway representing anyone else than their Fulani paymasters.
IPOB is not here for child’s play, neither are we here for tolerance
from any idiot. OHANAEZE and the governors should understand
on time that if by commission or omission IPOB is forced to pick
up arms in restoring Biafra, they are the first prey. We are deeply
wounded to tolerate more wounds from likes of OHANAEZE. For
better understanding, OHANAEZE should understand that more
heartbreaking exercises are coming.
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Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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