The future of technology and how we can make sure it’s a force for good – Mark Zuckerberg

The CEO and founder of facebook noted that “I’m in Europe this week meeting with government and business
leaders about the future of technology and how we can make sure
it’s a force for good.

Today President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani,
invited me to a meeting in Brussels with leading members of
Parliament. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation goes into
effect this week, so this was a important opportunity for me to
share the steps we’re taking to protect people’s privacy. It was
valuable to hear their questions directly on topics ranging from
election integrity to data protection to preventing bullying.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to meeting President Macron in
Paris and joining his Tech for Good Summit with tech leaders from
around the world” we hope the outcome will be positive knowing quite well that Facebook was recently hit with the deletefacebook campaign.

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