The Get Rich Quick Syndrome In Nigeria

I do not know how people expect to be rich overnight. I have been hearing about the “get rich quick syndrome ” which seems to be doing more harm than good to the Nigerian society. Some Nigerian youths are no longer interested in making money the right,legal and honourable way. Some have gone into illegal acts such as armed robbery,political thuggery, kidnapping, Yahoo and Yahoo plus,money ritual etc.
These social vices are not helping the Nigerian society. Some of our youths no longer care about the dignity in labour and why hard work pays all they care about is making money at the expense of others .Money is not bad but it should be made in the right and honourable way.
You cannot be happy making money at the detriment of other people. Yes the government has failed but we the youth should not fail ourselves. I wonder when we became so money conscious that we no longer want to start small and grow big. We now want to blow by all means even if it is illegal. We are so interested in making money that we no longer care who we hurt in this process this is a bad way of reasoning.

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  1. Bad person

  2. Lack of patience is the cause

  3. Samuel adun you are funny.
    Then what are you doing in naira lovers no be money ???

  4. Nice update at naira lovers

  5. That’s what we see

  6. That’s Exactly What Most Of The Youths Are Doing Which is Wrong

  7. Tell them

  8. Thanks for the update.

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