The hidden plans of APC to rig election

Few days ago, I made a promise to download all the details of the
APC’s rigging plans. I deliberately delayed the release of the
details with a view to getting more important information which
was scheduled to be relayed last week. I have painstakingly gotten
the information.
Before I go into the details, let me sound a notice of warning that
whosoever handle this information with levity aside from APC
members, supporters and sympathizers will be doing so at his own
and that of his party’s perils. This information is SPECIFICALLY for
all the forces against the continued incarceration of our dear state
from the oppressors in Bourdilon. Whether you are in PDP, SDP,
ADC, APGA, ACCORD, LABOUR and so on and so forth, this
information is for you, your party and its candidate to TAKE
Last week Tuesday (11/09/2018), a meeting was held in one of the
private rooms at the campaign office of Oyetola. None of the
invited agents was allowed to enter with any device. Those with
phones were ordered to switch them off and drop them before
At that meeting, some INEC officials (in suits) brought dozens of
PVC. Don’t ask me whether those PVCs are genuine or fake
because, either way, it is illegal and criminal to do so!
Firstly, the INEC, as represented by the criminally minded ones
amongst them in conjunction with APC and its candidate, will
reduce the number of ballot papers in at least FIVE UNITS
(specifically selected) from each Ward in the State especially in the
stronghold of the major contenders like Ede, Iwo, Ile-Ife, Ilesa,
Ejigbo, Ikirun and Ikire. The plan is aimed at causing confusion at
the polling unit. When there is confusion, the INEC man will offer to
go and bring more ballot and will direct that the vote should
continue. TAKE NOTE that he won’t bring any more ballot paper
because it has been planned so! Furthermore, the voting materials
will be distributed first in those selected units.
Secondly, after the voting, the Presiding Officer (P.O) will bring an
already completed result sheet and “someone” (who had already
been commissioned by the APC and its candidate) will just raise an
argument with a view to getting party agents (especially agents of
the ADP, SDP, ADC, and PDP) frustrated and angered so as not to
sign the result sheet.
Thirdly, the so-called card readers will be programmed to work just
for ONE HOUR. When this happens, the same ‘someone’ above will
bring up a suggestion that another card reader should be brought.
The INEC officials said that they are the ones to take care of what
follows when this happens. What does that mean? If you ask me,
na who I go ask?
Fourthly, some people have been commissioned to mobilize for
between 50-100 people to vote with the fake PVCs in each of the
specific FIVE UNITS with a promise to pay ₦20k to each of them
with transport fare. This is the work of the ‘2nd agent’ also known
as ‘someone’ above! It is also part of what the criminally minded
INEC officials will ‘take care of’.
Most importantly is frustration. Yes! You heard me right. The 2nd
agent of the APC has been directed to specifically disagree to
‘already planned suggestions’ from the INEC so as to cause chaos
at the polling units from beginning to the end with a view to
distracting the people from concentrating on what goes on during
the voting exercise. They said that the Police and INEC have been
taken care of to the extent that they will be the one to invite those
who may disagree for decorum.
They equally said that INEC will not allow any party agent to enter
bus with them while disbursing voting materials. It was however
said that the APC and its candidate will provide ‘item 7′ (including
but not limited to cash) to all the party agents with a view to
diverting their attention. Atenuje koni pa wa o!
There is also a 3rd party agent employed by the APC and its
candidate. He is an unknown alatenuje in the Ward and the other 2
agents have been warned never to ask him or her any question (s)!
The selected units were not disclosed.
Now, listen ATTENTIVELY to the Baba of the rigging plan! DO NOT
you do, the consequence is calamitous. INEC pen (as arranged to
be deployed by those criminally minded INEC officials) is not
ordinary o! It will fade after about 20minutes. In other words, if
your party agent use the INEC pen to sign the result sheet, forget
it! It was designed to enable them replace it before it gets to the
collation centre. Therefore, kindly warn your party agents VERY
WELL to go with their own writing material and NEVER subscribe to
the use of INEC pen!
10k was given to each of the attendees for transportation!
*Eat before going to the polling units.
*Check the serial number on the ballot papers especially the FIRST
and the LAST ones.
*Where there is card reader malfunctioning, MAKE SURE YOU
*Warn your party agents not to get frustrated so as not to give
room for rigging.
*All party agents aside from the APCs’ should monitor both the
INEC and the Police very well.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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  1. This two stupid parties with stupid people are always blaming each others bring lies to the glare of the masses

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