The importance and vital aspect of being a woman

A woman is important much as a man is important. Their equality
and height of intelligence can’t be denied. No man is better than a
woman. What a man can do a woman does uniquely in her own
way and design. There is no competition. There is no argument.
However, there is so much that can be achieved together in the
spirit of team, the understanding and acknowledgement of a
woman’s uniqueness, rather than abusing or extorting from her. In
this spirit of team is why God created a woman to work together in
relationship, and be compatible in marriage with a man. Therefore,
making a woman significant in every area and subject of life. In
fact, a woman is first created to be a treasure to a man before she
is rated to be a tool for any pleasure. Genesis 2:18 reveals, “And
the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I
will make him an help-mate for him”. Thus, a woman isn’t helpless
in relationship or marriage, a woman is a helper in all area and
subject of life. And of course, when the purpose of a thing isn’t
known, all kinds of abuse becomes inevitable. S3xual abuse,
relationship exploitation, desperation and emotional conflicts have
increased because women are too busy to know, understand and
stand on their significant in the world. How can you accept a
relationship without first discovering your worth? Until a woman
discover her self-worth, she will always find her body naked in s3x
with a confused man who don’t have any good intention for her.
Slave trade in s3x begins when self worth isn’t discovered. The
recipe for disaster is accepting a relationship with a man, and
forgetting your significant. Listen, if he thinks he is important, you
are more important than he thinks he is. Come on, Adam wouldn’t
have married himself. His life would have been so miserable
without God completing his perfect creation plan in the form of a
woman. Who is important now? You have heard this saying, in
every man’s success, there is a woman. How true, it is? Can you
confidently say that in your relationship and marriage. Yes it is,
true. I called my wife, my vinedresser when I met her and she is
still my vinedresser. In every man’s failure, there could also be a
woman. That is, when a woman refuses to know her significant in
the life of every man that comes to her. Proverbs 31:10-31. Come
on, you are not a s3x machine or slave! You are a helper to your
world and symbol of favour. Proverbs 18:23 confirmed, “He (a
man) who finds a [true] wife finds a good thing and obtains favor
from the Lord”. In fact, the recipe for inevitable disaster is when a
young woman watches E! Entertainment more than she studies her
E – Bible or read books that will sharpen her significance in her
world. E! Entertainment can make you really stupid, making
yourself an animation of what you are not, dressed naked,
unguided, undisciplined and seductive, having unnecessary
patience with a man, accepting wrong relationship and finally
used. During my counselling session with Sister Adeola Fadahunsi
yesterday in her office, I told her, men tend to misbehave when
women makes relationship looks easy. Accepting a relationship
with an unbeliever as a woman is risk but the worst is accepting a
relationship with a man that has pride. I told her, real men goes
after treasures. A woman is like a Diamond treasure. A
woman is indeed a kingdom Diamond. Diamond is a high quality
Jewry and enhanced natural resource. Likewise, women that has
discovered who they are and their significance. Matthew 13:44
tells this story, “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure
hid in a field; the which when a man has found, he hides, and for
joy thereof goes and sells all that he has, and buys that field”.
Diamond is a jewelry that every man will want to have and
possess. The more a woman discover herself, the more she
enhances her Diamond, making herself more significant to her
world, where it becomes difficult for her to be rejected or
dishonored. However, unnecessary emotional stress and
engagement diminishes a woman’s value and beauty. Women
have become more desperate in relationship these days, forgetting
their significance. In fact, men wants this relationship more than
women will ever want it. With this in mind, a woman should cease
from struggling in her relationship with a man but she should place
herself as a treasure, discerning to know a man that is ready, and
refusing to accept cheap talks from irresponsible men. Women can
easily establish connection with a man that they just met. A lot of
this connection doesn’t last for long because it is an affection
programmed ahead of time in the soul of a woman or could be a
mindset of what she want in a man. This connection shouldn’t be a
guarantee to determine who you accept into your life because that
could be a delusion and false connection. The future of a
relationship or marriage is what should be considered, not just the
magic affection or connection. Beware, men can be deceptive and
can fake anything when they are on female hunt down mission. I
advice, compatibility is the key to ascertain the future of your
relationship or marriage, and it begins by you discovering yourself
and significance first.

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