For you to be an effective disciple of Jesus, you must have to
understand how to pray.

And for anything to shift for good (Both spiritually and physically)
prayer is key.

There is nothing like “whatever shall be shall be”, God depends on
you to use prayers and change things.

In the place of prayers, things happen because prayer moves the
Hand of The One who moves the world.

Let’s quickly examine WAYS AND MANNERS TO PRAY…

RELATIONSHIP: In Matt 6:9 Jesus told his disciples to pray starting
with addressing God as “A FATHER”. It simply indicates that Jesus
was pointing to us that relationship with God is key. We must
relate with Him as a Father in the place of prayer. If you don’t see
him as a Father you will have limitations in how you pray. Come to
Him as your Father. This is how your confidence that He will hear
you is boosted.

2. PRAYING IN AN UNKNOWN TONGUE: This is one of the most
effective kind of prayers a christian can pray. Ephesians 6:18
Advises that we should pray all prayers and supplications IN THE
SPIRIT. In other words, this prayer should be done in our SPIRIT.
When you tie that scripture together with 1Corinthians 14:14 which
says, “If I pray in an unknown tongue, MY SPIRIT PRAYETH…”,
you will understand that praying in tongues is how you are able to
pray in your spirit. Praying in tongues helps you handle a lot of
things in the spirit that your understanding alone can’t cover. In
1Corinthians 2:9-10, the scriptures says, “Eyes have not seen, ears
have not heard…those things which God has in plan for those who
Love him, but these things are revealed to us by his spirit for the
spirit searcheth all things, yea the deep things of God”. When you
pray in tongue the spirit starts searching out all the deep things of
God embedded in your spirit man. He starts unravelling them into
your mind and they start manifesting in your mind as positive
thoughts and positive images. This is where faith is built. If you
must engage the spirit effectively, you must learn to pray in

3. Through thoughts: Yes, what people don’t know is that you can
pray through your thoughts. Ephesians 3:20 says, “Unto Him that
is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ever
ASK or THINK”. That word “OR” is a conjunction that is used to
connect two alternative meanings. You can use one in place of the
other. We can say that God is able to do exceedingly and
abundantly above all we could ever THINK, and we are correct. So,
the words “THINK” and “ASK” can be used interchangeably to
achieve the same thing. As used in the scripture above, you could
pray and ask for things with your thoughts. And often, the most
powerful prayers are the ones that are predominant in your
And again as you pray, please understand that one of the ways we
receive our answers is by aligning our THOUGHTS according to
what we have PRAYED. When you pray positively and think
negatively, you will kill your harvest. As you pray, make deliberate
efforts to align your thoughts with your prayers.

3. SEE IT: Often when God speaks we don’t just hear we also SEE.
In Jeremiah 33:3, God said we should call upon him and He will
SHOW US great and MIGHTY THINGS. Our calling on God directly
translates to him SHOWING US THINGS and again observe what
Habakkuk said in verse 1 of Habakkuk chapter 2. He said that he
will stand upon his watch (He will stand where he keeps WATCH)
to see what God will say to him. Ah! He should have just said “TO
WILL SAY”. But you must understand that when God speaks, it
directly translates into a picture in our minds. This is where we see
it, and it will be captured by our minds. When the answer comes, it
comes to print out exactly what has been captured in our mind.
This is where a physical manifestation of what God has told us
takes place. Don’t just pray, learn to see it. Learn to see the
answer before it manifests. This is a very important tool for a
prayer that will produce results.

5. FAITH: You must be strong in Faith. Scriptures said in Romans
4:19 that Abraham was not weak in Faith, by considering his own
body… God gave Abraham a promise of making him a father of
many nations even when Abraham could no longer perform as a
man and Sarah could no longer conceive as a woman. But the
bible says that Abraham believed God regardless of his situation.
This singular act made the bible to say, “He was not weak in
FAITH”. So, if he had considered his situation, it would have been
said “HE WAS WEAK IN FAITH”. So, a weak Faith is a Faith that
considers the present situation of man. Any time I’m looking at
what God is saying from the perspective of my situation, I’m being
weak in faith. You must learn to look above what you are going
through and take God’s word to be more real than even your

This is what brings a speedy answer to the prayers you have
prayed. Faith is believing that what God has said concerning you
is true regardless of what every other thing is saying.
These manners and tools of prayer will cause a divine shift in your
life both physically and spiritually.
Thank you for reading.

This Message was preached by Pst Franklin Ojukwunze. The Lead
PST of Citybuilders Faith Christian Centre located at No.4 Onyia
street opp. York ville resort Mgbuogba PH


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