Thieves, thieves” he screamed, it was almost funny; not until more
voices joined the chorus as they screamed and shouted on us. We
could have ran at least to save our lives, but little did we know
how the day would end. From a handful of young men shouting
and throwing questions at us, it escalated to a crowd of angry
mob. There was no way we could escape this one, so we calmed
down. They pushed us around and then stripped us all. These men
pulled us pants down, we were more than embarrassed, the whole
community watched: I recognised few faces from the crowd.
Obviously they were so afraid to say “stop”, then the beating
started, I wished it to be just a nightmare; but it was real, these
men were determined. They dropped heavy rocks on our heads,
they pounded our faces with large planks, blood covered our
eyes,they matched and kicked us right on our nostrils, we couldn’t
breathe. “Bring tire” one of the men repeated, until they brought
the tires. “Oh God!” We watched the crowd watch us, we raised
hands of plea, we couldn’t speak, Some hid, some shot videos and
took pictures. there was no one to stop this. This was the point we
knew it was over. We felt pain, helpless and hopeless. I thought of
my siblings, I wondered how my mum would take this. She would
fall apart. I begged God to hold her for me, comfort and make her
strong for me, I prayed same for my friends. Then we started
crying, we cried together. the tears gave us headaches. We looked
up high, the sky was still. Rings of tires landed on our necks, they
kept hitting us, but we were numb already. They set us ablaze. We
rolled around, tried to reach for each other, I wondered who would
give up first, the fire burned our bodies. it hurt, it hurt and then it
hurt. But suddenly the pain stopped, Then I couldn’t hear any
other thing, but silence. I thanked God. The pain was over. RIP
Ugonna, Llyod, Tekana and Chidiaka (slain uniport students)

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