It was a deserted house
A deserted mud house
Red muddy bricks
A little town ridden by war
The town cries blood
Blood of the innocent that was shed
Over ethnic differences
Religious and political differences.
In this mud house, an old woman lives. She owns a crack and
shoot. She watched as the little town where her live revolves
around lies in ruin.
The town she was born in, grew in, found her first love and
eventually got married in. She had children, children who became
dastardly rich but she never gave up this little town. The little mud
house in a little town that showed her so much love. She couldn’t
betray its trust, her loyalty was first to this town.
In this town, the old woman waited every christmas for her
children to return home with their children.
But they never did, they never understood Why she was so
attached to this small village.
Day in day out, she waited and prayed they will return. They also
grew up in this town but hated it, their children hated it even more.
2 christmases ago, they sent her gifts and an apology as to why
they can’t show.
Last christmas, same thing.
But this christmas, she is hopeful they will show up. What she
doesnt know is that, they’ll never show. Their children hate it so
they have no reason to visit.
As she knelt down in her room last night, she felt the need to pray
for each of her children by name. In her language, she prayed.
Lord I pray for Kubai, I pray that you will bless her and her
husband. That Abuja shall favour them, that she shall live long to
see her grandchildren.
Lord I pray for Kasham, I pray that your grace shall forever be with
her and her husband. I pray for her twins, that they Shall become
pace setters for their peers. I pray for the little one she just lost to
the cold hands of death, that you comfort her and her family. Bless
her business.
Lord I pray for Kalat, I pray that your grace goes with him and his
wife. I pray that he shall experience increase in all ramifications. I
pray that Port Harcourt shall favour them. Teach them Lord to
know that it is okay to adopt if they can’t have their own babies
after this long. And may their joys be plenty and their sorrows few.
Lord I pray for Kasang, that you will give her a husband in due
time. That you bless the work of her hands and may Kaduna be
gracious to her. May she grow in wealth and be a relationship
builder at work and at home. She shall live at peace with all, that
you Oh Lord will put her anger issues in check and help her.
Lord I pray for Omega my little boy – not so little anymore- that you
bless him and his new wife that they may know increase and as
they do, understand that some know Some know lack more than
they know provision. May they be appreciative that you have
chosen to bless them in this young age and may they pay it
forward to their neighbours in need.
Bless my foster child Kuyet who is always taking care of me here
in the village. May she experience love like no other and may her
young years be fruitful. May she one day find success in a land far
or near as her heart wishes. May she learn to love, and may her
heart have no room for hate.
For I pray through Christ our Lord.
She didn’t remember to say Amen, she didn’t have to, as few
minutes later she will be reunited with her husband and see God
face to face to table the above request directly to him.
In the morning, Kuyet made a call to all siblings and before dusk,
they were all in town, unprepared, with regrets asking each other
when last they saw mama. But it was too late.
Shall I ask that in the midst of our busy schedule, lets make room
for our loved ones especially this season. Let us understand….
That posthumous love is just what it is, post! Later, after, late!
That flowers speak better when given to the person so why wait so
long to drop it at the grave?
That to show care and compassion can lengthen a persons life so
why choose to show the care and compassion in death?
That our love ones know we love them, but let’s tell them anyway.
That we will cry in regret and hurt more when someone we ignore
or fail to show love to dies before we have the chance to right our
So, this Christmas show some love.


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