The key principles in relationships

Compared to the woman, the man is built for “industry” and
achievements. Most ladies usually get confused, sometimes even
fed up, with the negligent behaviors of their male close friends. It’s
natural for a lady to handle her relationships and commit emotions
even when she may be busy. She always cherishes that aspect of
her feelings and longings being complemented with resonating
relationship. But men’s story is different. A well brought-up man
grows to conceive that he is surrounded by many responsibilities
and expectations–a future family to establish and cater for,
parents to honor, relations to “impress” following his attestable
productivity, hard-working credit, and apparent success. He wants
to appear as an achiever before his friends and foes alike. These
things naturally shape his psychology to focus, invest, work, and
achieve positive results. Hence in that mode, he will likely pay little
attention to anything else apart from meeting his goals—and that
includes even his girlfriend. You can only get his full attention
when he has “arrived,” when he is convinced that his efforts so far
would guarantee his comfort and that of those he love. Then he
can turn 180 degrees to look you up, consider your emotions,
devote to you, share with you, return your lovely texts, and express
his love for you. You don’t need to get confused when you need
him to notice how you feel about him and he seems distracted. He
probably loves you, to be sure. But his natural design demands
that he wield all his energy toward dream fulfillment. Trying to
interfere with his plans can only erupt problems, which could
sometimes mean abandoning you. What’s best then? Let him do
what he’s naturally conditioned to do. In fact, if you truly love him,
inspire him, praise him, support him, and pray for him. When he
notices you insist being behind him even when his inclinations
would have thrown you hundreds of yards away, then he’d cast his
love on you. In that mode, expect him to whisper to you his plans
for a future with you. Never forget this secret.

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  1. Two amazing people r the key to a successful relationship

  2. ok good

  3. Both have a mentingful role to play

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