The key to a perfect relationship and marriage

Relationship is critical. Marriage is more critical. It requires
extreme caution and guidance.
Life is a choice. Relationship is a choice. Marriage is a choice.
Every choice has responsibility and consequences.
Every choice you make in life, relationship and marriage has
consequence packaged inside. Consequence is the end result of
You don’t run a blind relationship these days. Before you walk into
a relationship, you need every information about him on desk.
I am an expert on public administration, relationship and marriage.
My number one secret is the Holy Spirit. Second is my passion.
Third is, I always forecast event.
Nothing is permanent. No result is permanent. The only thing
permanent is God and what He gives to you.
Patience is a virtue. Whatever you give to yourself that God didn’t
give to you count it already lost because it’s not going to last.
Marriage is a journey. Before you accept his proposal, you should
know his destination. The moment you say, yes I do, it’s to
everything he believes.
Marriage is beautiful but the journey isn’t quite beautiful. It is,
when you are prepared, ready to accept challenge and solve
Every woman wants to get married. It’s nice but it’s more nice
when you are mentored because marriage is a different ball game
from dating.
In relationship, majority of men are comfortable wearing mask. In
marriage, a man do not change, rather he reveals his true color.
In dating, your task is to unmask him and know his true color. This
is why your fellowship with the Holy Spirit is so important.
The heart is deceitful. Relationship is tough these days because
majority of men are on masquerade. You don’t know who is who.
Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and
desperately wicked: who can know it? Be careful!
It takes the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the hidden colors of
your man.
IS HE GOD’S CHOICE? It takes the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you.
It’s easier to know when your focus is on improving yourself.
People that doesn’t have relationship with the Holy Spirit and not
improving themselves tend to be desperate, jumping into any
Holy Spirit is the foundation of every successful and excellent
relationship and marriage. I don’t do anything without consulting
Him first.
Fellowship with the Holy Spirit is key to an excellent
relationship and marriage. Holy Spirit is a spiritual DETECTIVE and
your GUIDE.
When you don’t have fellowship with the Holy Spirit, it makes you
jump into any relationship. It get worst, when you don’t improve
The Holy Spirit is needed in every areas of our life and relationship
with people. He is the one that reveals the deep things about us.
In relationship or marriage, misunderstanding is inevitable but It’s
how you handle it that matters a lot. Holy Spirit is the KEY


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