The life of a woman

Some women believed there lives
are originated from their career or marriage and until that happens,
they are nobody. A lot of women are miserable at home or work
with their career, unhappy and desperate to get married. They
believed marriage is everything. Some women are fulfilled without
education but with skill and self employed. A lot more, no matter
what you give to them, they will never be happy until they get
married. To very few, their destiny in Christ is what matters. This
is why I decided to talk about this subject in my new book: The
Three Life of a Woman.
a. Career life
b. Emotional life
c. Destiny in Christ
Sister Onyidoris Enyinnaya in her contribution said, “The ability to
balance the three makes you a total woman”. The first woman was
originated from God and through her, many were originated.
Undoubtedly, Eve is our first mother, yet God is our Father. We
have His spirit and image. Despite the fact that, Eve was our first
mother, God was/is the one that created everyone and through
Eve. Just as Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus through the Holy
Spirit. The first life of a woman is her career. The formation of a
woman is from her mother, parent to be specific. The parent have
the ability to impact image or damage into her child (daughter)
more than any external forces. When a woman fails, to be honest,
her mother failed. When a woman is good, her mother is good.
This is the bitter truth and where maturity is needed to accept
responsibility. You have heard the saying, “Like mother like
daughter”. How true it is? Listen, when a mother failed and a
daughter succeed, the story changes. The daughter’s good report
influenced her mother’s credential. The formation of a woman is
from her mother. Whether you are good or bad, always teach your
daughters in the way of God, where her credential influences your
history. Proverbs 29:15, Proverbs 23:13, Proverbs 22:15, Proverbs
22:6, Proverbs 20:11, Proverbs 17:6. In essence, a woman’s life
begins with her career and career choice. Interestingly, after the
birth of a child, the celebration, and nourishment, do you know the
next thing that comes in? It is her education, this is where her
career takes shape. However, to be honest, parent have not 100%
shape the career life of their children (daughters), where a young
woman becomes financial independent immediately after
graduation without depending on a man or any relationship. In
Africa, parent have failed so much in doing that. It is where you
see 80% of young women desperately talking about their
relationship as if there whole life is tied to it, when they should be
talking about their career and how to get better. When a woman’s
career is unguided and shaped, sexual abuse, boredom and
emotional conflicts becomes inevitable. This is where you see a
woman getting into relationship at very early stage, when she
should be focused on her career and becoming the best in her
career. How would parent help their daughters to fulfill their career
life? How would a woman fulfilled her career life? Parent helps
their child to fulfill their career life by monitoring them at a very
young age, giving them responsibility and with the help of the Holy
Spirit discover and develop their skills, gifts and potential. A
woman fulfills her career life by discovering and developing her
passion, adding vision, skills, knowledge and ambition to it. When
a woman’s career life crashes, her emotional life which is
relationship and marriage becomes unstable and may crash too.
As a reason, she hasn’t learn and equip herself to give, contribute
and wisely trade in her world. Thus, when relationship or marriage
automatically happens, she becomes a liability, helpless and a
consumer more than she should have been an asset, helper and
contributor, still lavishly loved, cared for and admired by her
suitors. In essence, a woman is an extraordinary being.

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