The man El-rufai and his conflicting ideology of deceit

He took over the leadership of the state with a promise to cut
government spending.
This he sets to achieve by cutting low the number of his
appointees, reducing the number of ministries and forfeiting half of
his salary and those of his cabinet members in a bid to save cost
for the development of the state.
A decision that won him praises across the width and breadth of
the state but little did most of his praise singers cum victims
realize that ‘a leopard can’t change its spots’. The man Elrufai has
been a deceitful creature ever since his first appearance in public
3 and half years into his tenure and few months to the 2019
general election, same man resurfaces on social media with a
conflicting ideology. This time, promoting youths political
appointments where he bragged of appointing 93 youths in various
political offices with a view to attract praises especially from the
youth population. 93 youths alone in some meaningless political
offices created by Elrufai would mean a total of 500+ combined
with his mates as his political appointees. Where then is his so
called ‘cutting cost of governance’ reflected?
Recall that this is same governor that squandered a huge sum of
foreign grant given to the state to build drainage systems with
visibly nothing on ground to justify the impact of the grant. He
outrightly squandered the funds instead of complementing it with
state funds to do a great job. The N8b he reportedly spent on a
failed 10 months public school feeding programme is a question
that has been begging for answer. Talking of the bail out funds
and Paris club refunds will only seek to call for the governor’s
head as these funds disappeared like the security votes he has
been misusing. All these are aside the monthly FAAC allocation
due to the state and of course IGRs receiveable and other accrued
funds mostly from internal loans yet Kaduna is in its worst
socioeconomic and developmental state as an entity since from
Currently, the state has been milked dry by the present
administration of Kaduna under Elrufai to the extent that mundane
financial obligations of the government are most difficult to meet.
Scholarships talk more of salaries/wages have not been paid for
the past 3yrs, service providers like refuse collectors are owing; a
situation that left Kaduna metropolis decorated with dirt and smelly
atmosphere that would, if care not taken result in a major outbreak
of deadly disease(s). Amidst all these, state road network have
been patched on a yearly basis with outrageous sums of money
without a visible end to the menace of potholes, street lights aged
2yrs and reportedly worth hundreds of millions are dysfunctional,
security threats are at their worst in the history of the state even
when the governor admitted to have spent an undisclosed huge
amount in compensating foreign killer herders who have since the
news of the payment intensified assaults against the citizens.
Workers that were captured in the state’s recurrent expenditure are
sacked without pay nor information on the whereabout of their
budgeted remunerations. Water supply is in retrogression alike
other utilities, facilities and services while basic necessities are
now the exclusive rights of the governor’s family and friends.
A right thinking person will be tempted to ask where these
resources are. It is however not worth asking as the last line in the
last paragraph above summarises it all; the resources of the state
are shared among the governor’s family and friends. Yes! And it is
still insufficient for them hence the desperate moves by the
governor to secure a World Bank facility to the tune of $350m for
onward distribution amongst them at the expense and detriment of
the state.
I therefore call on well meaning citizens of Kaduna state to join
hands in putting a stop to this failed government by voting it out
and voting in a credible leader come 2019.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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  1. What you said now makes me feel like strangling the man

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