Ever since the
systematic killing operations started in the MIDDLE-BELT, among
Christian based communities. One thing that has remained
consistent from the powers that be, policy makers and
beneficiaries/sponsors of the bloodshed, is the denial and
concealing of evidence! This is not new as current history always
has its roots in the past. The Jewish holocaust provides us with
such examples in history. It was well calculated and executed with
another plan by the Nazis to conceal and deny the evidence. This
was done by deliberately destroying records connected to the
evil… More people with the power of the pen have risen over the
years to write off this history. Looking at Nigeria, the same thing
is being played out… The killings of Christians are being treated
with such disdain by the very persons who have the constitutional
responsibilities to protect lives and properties. This is done either
in the form of denial or concealing of evidence. The media is also
at the center of this game by peddling headlines like UNKNOWN
CLASHES (the police IG is chief in this). The champions of this
denial use state security personnel to arrest and detain individuals
who are vocal about the ongoing killing program. They’re always
making worn-out statements such as “the govenment is on top of
the situation” (like the one made by Mr integrity that people think
he is just sitting comfortably enjoying AC) and that there should
be no reprisal as security agencies will bring perpetrators to book.
Incidentally, there is no single book with the names of
perpetrators even as the killing program is spreading across the
country. Surprisingly and shamefully, the IGP was asked to
relocate to one of the spots, but nothing significant has happened.
Another formula is denying people access to bodies of victims
(pure concealing of evidence) or coming out to punctuate the truth
with another line of thinking by insisting the pictures are from
another country (Mr El-Rufai is legendary for this). When the
Senate committee to investigate the killings in southern Kaduna, a
Northerner from Kano, senator Gaya was the leader of the team. In
their tour, El-Rufai kept them in Kaduna and adulterated the whole
process before releasing them. My point in this whole thesis is
that, these are not historical accidents but purely rehearsed and


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