The most beautiful morning gift a man can give his wife

The most beautiful morning gift a man can give his wife

Godly husbands cannot wait for a time when they would get out of
bed at 6 in the morning to make some breakfast for their wives.
This is one of the most beautiful gifts a husband can ever give to
his wife; getting her ready for work, and getting the kids ready for

So he wakes up earlier than usual on a good day and runs to the
kitchen quietly without waking his wife, even for morning devotion.
In 10minutes he has sorted out the dirty dishes left in the
dishwasher, microwave the leftover food, and make some
scrambled eggs and fried plantain served with a nice cup of tea,
then he wakes her up and serves her breakfast in bed while
holding her hands to share a moment with God in prayer. A good
man will also remember to pack some extra lunch for his wife for
the office. This is one of the best morning gifts a husband can give
his hardworking wife. Uniform ironed, shoes polished, Kids ready
for school, breakfast ready, lunch packed, while his wife is still
having a rest.

This is a big statement you will be making to your wife. What you
are actually saying to her is;

“I am taking the load off you today. I am taking the weight and
pressure of the morning rush off you today. I want to make things
easier for you. I am taking these distractions and worries away to
create more room for you to love me the way you have always
wanted to love me. I got up early to do for you all the things you
would normally do while I am asleep, so you can have an extra
hour of rest. I got up early to make breakfast for us, something
you would usually get up to do every morning while I am having an
extra hour of sleep, but today I want you to have that extra hour of
rest, while I do those things for you.“

I got up early to reduce the load on you, so you can get up and
kiss me slowly without worrying about the kids and the kitchen.
I got up early to run you a hot bath, so we can spend an extra half
an hour in the shower. I got your dress ironed and your shoes
polished so you can have an extra hour to sit back in bed and
share a tight hug with me while we talk. I got up early to get the
kids ready for school so we can take our time with the morning
sex, I can’t remember that last time I saw you naked in the
morning. I got your morning routines sorted, so we can spend a
little more time in our devotion.

This is one of the best things you can do for each other in your
marriage. I encourage you to put this in your plans if you are
married, and if you are single let this be your after-wedding
tradition most mornings. Find a way to take the load off your man.
Find a way to take the weight off your woman, to create an extra
fraction of space to invest in your marriage.

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