Most women are always embarrassed to ask their man for money
or for something they need, always embarrassed. They would
rather soak up their challenges secretly or look for help elsewhere
than going to him to ask for some help, even when she knows that
he has the capacity to handle it, they don’t just feel right about it,
especially for women with an independently ‘I should take care of
myself’ mentality. And the problem is not a lack of courage or
pride, the challenge is that they feel responsible for themselves,
and more than anything else they hate that you might feel buggy.
The closest thing they try to do is get help somewhere else, even
when those alternative sources are the most unlikely to be
responsive she will still prefer to take that chance than ask you for
She expects you to figure out that something is not right. She just
expects you to read her body language and her moods. She
expects you to read the words in her silence, but when you ask her
‘how are you?’ The next thing that follows is ‘have you eaten?’, and
that’s all, you don’t go beyond that point.
Get this guys, as a man there is just no way you can be
comfortable that your partner is not asking you for anything, there
is just no way you can be at peace with yourself, it should itch your
soul. You are working and earning a salary but for 3 months you
have not bought her anything, it’s bad honestly, even if your
budget is tight, even if you are saving to buy world bank, 2months
is enough to stop by the store and get her a nice pair of jeans or
some tops, a fancy hair ribbon won’t put your savings in recession,
it just the little things we do.
Most of us are just relaxed over the fact that she works and can
take care of herself, yes she can, but even as the director of
central bank she is also a woman, and as a woman she has needs
that only a man can satisfy.
Don’t wait for her to come asking you for little things, just as
grown women always feel embarrassed to ask, grown men also
feel embarrassed when their woman come asking for money and
some common things they need, they just use their common sense
to know that he is responsible for someone according to his
capacity. Grown men ask what she needs, they don’t wait to be
asked. If this is you uncle please start using your common sense,
start by showing concern with questions like;
“Baby, I have a free budget for April, is there anything you need
that you want me to make a budget for?”
“Bae, I told your friend that makes female shoes to make one for
you, I paid already, just let her the design you like.”
Or sometimes just send her some cash and ask her to keep it for
you, we both know she understands what you’re trying to do.
These little things are the foundation blocks of a relationship and
marriage. Most brothers don’t even have the account details of
their partner, and they have been doing relationship for over a
year. Some cannot remember the last time they bought airtime
credit for their partner, it’s that bad. Love is not free, the price is responsibilities.

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