The only set of people whose IQ is lower than that of Muhammadu Buhari are his supporters—Benvely Angel

Everyday now since buhari declaration, some people have annexed
the cyber space, exaggerating Nigeria people But in all their
manipulations, there are hard facts they are not bringing to the
table. I expect them to sell the brand/product Buhari. This upright/
incorruptible mantra is stale.

Those singing the praise of Buhari’s incorruptibility are the same
downright corrupt Nigerians, who are just looking for Buhari in
themselves. I expect them to tell us what Buhari is bringing to the
table? What are the fresh ideas? What is he saying about
unbundling the country? What are his ideas on fiscal federalism,
indigenship, state police, independence of the judiciary and many
other thorny issues that are bedeviling us? What’s his blue print in
tackling the ‘mountain’ of corruption in the judiciary? What will he
do to reduce the profligacy of these 36 tyrannical governors? What
will he do to reduce the cost of governance, abolish some non
viable states or at best make states generate their revenue?
What is he telling us about removing our ‘LONGER THROAT’ from
Niger Delta oil and re-channeling our efforts into diversifying the
economy? If you are one of those that have been disturbing our
ears online about Buhari (a visionless, obsolete and bigoted leader)
or were among those retrogressive thinkers that gathered at the
Eagle Square, I want you to pause and ponder on these if you’re
still a youth.

Don’t you think that, something is definitely wrong with our
country, if people would root for a man that by 2015 will make it 30
years he left power to come back and rule us again? Are you guys
trying to tell us that the Nigerian youths are suffering from stunted
growth that we’re yet to produce a leader in 30 years – the same
number of years Singapore moved from 3rd world to 1st world
country? That is insanity.

When Buhari was in power, President Jonathan was just 26 years
old, yet Buhari still wants to contest against him. What a shame!
Forward and progressive thinking have it that, development
increases when leadership moves from one generation to another.
And anywhere this progressive thinking is implemented, the result
is always visible to the blind.

First instance, George H. Bush ruled from 1989-93, in 2001, his
son from another generation ruled from 2001-09. Since then they
have not gone back…it’s forward ever, backward never. In a
retrogressive society filled with backward thinkers like Nigeria,
Obasanjo ruled from (1976-79), 20 years later, he came back and
ruled again. In fact, he wanted to rule again, but was kicked out.
IBB ruled from (1985-93), in 2011 – which was 18 years later, he
wanted to rule again. Buhari ruled from (1983-85), he wants to rule
again in 2015 which will be 30 years he left power. What an

Does it mean that, for about 30 years, Nigeria has not produced a
leader that can do those things the Buharists think only Buhari can
do? People like Buhari are one of the reasons why there is lack of
jobs in the country for the youths because they have refused to
give way even when they have little or nothing to offer again. Many
people with Buhari character are found in the civil service
doctoring their age because they don’t want to give way. I ask,
when will Buhari’s children begin to show ‘face’ as I narrated
about America?

A generation has past, some people are still looking at Buhari to
come and rule are children no longer the leaders of tomorrow?
Before you say Jack Robinson, the Buharists would tell you that
Buhari is the only man that can fight corruption. What nonsense! It
is only in Nigeria that a man who embezzled $2.8 billion NNPC
money while he was Federal Commissioner of Petroleum in 1978
will be described as disciplined, isn’t it?

It is only in Nigeria that the man who lost election and incited his
supporters to violence which claimed the lives of innocent people
including NYSC members and had the nerve to still open his
bigoted mouth and criticise actions designed to stop continued
madness is now a disciplined man.

Believe me, any objective, dispassionate analysis of Buhari’s
activities must surely come to one conclusion and one conclusion
only, namely: The only set of people whose IQ is lower than that of
Muhammadu Buhari are his supporters.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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  1. Who is saying that thunder .
    I have IQ 50 × better than buhari

  2. Very funny

  3. Hmm

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