The only solution to killings in Nigeria – Adeyinka

Fulani has arms and ammunition as well as sophisticated weapons
to fight the entire West Africa nations. These weapons were
shipped through the Yoruba’s ports and waterways to the Hausa
and Fulani region. The Fulani were able to reach this feat because
their son, Buhari, is the President of Nigeria.
The Yoruba recently appointed Iba Gani Adams as the Aare Ona
Kakanfo of Yorubaland. The Office of the Aare Ona Kakanfo has
one single duty -to safeguard and protect the security of life and
properties of the citizens and residents in Yorubaland. He cannot
perform this singular function without arms and ammunition.
Nevertheless, if a Yoruba is made President of Nigeria in 2019, it
would be easy for the Office of the Aare Ona Kakanfo to be able to
import weapons through the Yoruba’s ports and waterways to
protect Yorubaland from the Fulani.
Presently, the Fulani is importing arms and ammunition into the
country through its control of all the agencies of the Federal
Government, including:
1. National Intelligence Agency;
2. Department of Security Services;
3. Defence Intelligence Agency;
4. Ministry of Internal Affairs;
5. Nigeria Police Force;
6. Nigeria Army;
7. Nigeria Air force;
8. Nigeria Navy;
9. Nigeria Security & Civil Defence Corps;
10. The Brigade of Guard;
11. National Security Adviser;
12. EFCC;
13. Immigration Service;
14. Nigeria Custom Service;
15. Nigeria Prison Service;
16. Nigeria Ports Authority;
17. Federal Airport Authority;
18. NNPC.
If a pro-Yoruba is elected President of Nigeria in 2019, the Yoruba
too can occupy all the above posts. This will make it easy for the
Office of the Aare Ona Kakanfo to acquired weapons with which to
safeguard and protect Yorubaland.
The Igbo knows that the only way to send the Fulani out of power
is for a Yoruba man to be picked out as the PDP presidential
candidate. They are likewise aware that if a proper Yoruba is so
selected as the PDP presidential candidate with Buhari as the APC
presidential nominee, the entire Middle Belt will vote for the Yoruba
in view of the incessant killing of innocent people by the Fulani in
the Middle Belt. The Yoruba will vote for their own son as well. The
masses of the Niger Delta will vote for the Yoruba man as well as
they believe that the Yoruba people are more reasonable than the
Fulani. If the Igbo as well vote for the Yoruba, then the Yoruba
candidate will win in four of the six zones of Nigeria and defeat
Buhari and the Fulani.
Nevertheless, the Igbo leaders are already working to give the PDP
presidential ticket to another Fulani. If this occurs, the immediate
implications are very obvious -the Office of the Aare Ona Kakanfo
will not be able to procure weapons to defend Yorubaland and the
Fulani will continue to control the Yoruba’s ports, waterways and
all the revenue collected across Yorubaland. The only alternative
will be the complete annihilation of the Igbo living and working in
The only hope of the Igbo avoiding annihilation in next year’s
election in Yorubaland is to produce a pro-Yoruba as the PDP
presidential candidate.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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