The only strategy left for Kaduna State Governor to win election

Even that one too would fail. We are united in hunger, threat to demolished our houses, shops; reckless, heartless and senseless sacking of our friends, relatives and parents from their jobs. Inability to pay both Christians, Muslims, Atheist, Animist, Traditionalists etc Students Scholarship since the inception of this administration. The failed and abandoned Drainage work equally affects all of us. The disrespect for our religious leaders affects all faiths. We are united here too.

How about the inability of the government to secure Birnin Gwari, the entire Southern kaduna, the conversion of Kaduna – Abuja Highway to the greatest Kidnapping hub in Africa that has stopped must commuters from plying that road. In area of insecurity, we are equally disturbed. The Children of Civil Servants that were forcefully evacuated from their houses and same sold to political appointees are united to use their thumbs to pay the cruel government back in it coin. How about our parents that were sacked but haven’t gotten their pension or gratuity thereby causing many to drop out of school? They are united In sacking the government that doesn’t care about their welfare. They will Vote for a man that will pay their parents what they sweated for.

We are united to know the where about of the Local and State Governments Paris Club Refund that hasn’t translated to any physical or human capital development. We are absolutely united to know why this government hasn’t commissioned any project since she came on except the waterless Zaria Water works that still leaves our people to push trucks in search of Water. We want to know why Galaxy Mall failed. We are united to know the whereabouts of the money used in the failed Wheat Farming in Zone 1 and Failed Pulses Farming that later translated to Sorghum Farming at Ladugga, Kachia Local Government Area. We equally desire to know the amount wasted on tree planting campaign that couldn’t guaranteeothe survival of the trees planted by Commissioner of Environment and then Minister of Environment including that of many serving government appointees due to lack of care talk more of the ones planted by the Talakawas in our villages and rural areas. Where are they Trees? Better still, where is our Krum (Qua, Benjamite) We are united to unveil countless mysteries. GEJ used it in 2015, it was impotent, it shall be so in 2019. Tell us what you have done, as a matter of fact that sterile and ineffective loan excuse is annoying.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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