The primary significance of College Old Boys and Old Girls Associations-Shehu Sani

The practice of College Old Boys or Old Girls Associations
recognizing,honoring and celebrating only those who attain
political,professional or material status in life is selective and
discriminatory.We should be human and spiritual,to equally
appreciate those among us whom were once our childhood
colleagues, but unable to rise to the material heights of life. We
should recognize and honor as well as help those who ‘couldn’t
make it in life’. They are not failures in life,they are those not
privileged by fate to acquire or assume the vanities or the
ephemeralities of life.
Old Boys and Old girls Association should be a reunion of souls, to
recount the good old days of brotherly or sisterly unconditional love
and celebrate the wrinkles, baldness and the grey hairs that marked
our mileage. It should be a place to recall history with jokes and
smiles and prayers for those who departed earlier than us.The
prevailing situations in most old Boys and Girls meeting is that in
which the ‘rich old boys or girls’ comes to show off and the ‘poor
old boys or girls are intimidated’. This must change. Yes,fingers are
not equal and life has been good to some, but let not those
attainments kill that comradely spirit we shared in our classrooms
and hostels, as young people unaware of what life has for us in the
future we now live. Memories and particularly Childhood memories
are the priceless treasures of all alma mater. School life was our
raw and innocent stage in life before we became processed and
possessed. On the final note, life will always be busy and packaged
with its challenges, but try and spare a moment to visit the orphans
and widows left behind by your once good school friend. You may
not have anything to give, but your presence matters most to his
spirit and they will see him in you. Lets be human once again. Lets
keep the spirit.

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