The problem of yesterday, today and tomorrow in Nigeria—Indegeneous son

Years back, Fela was a victim, a political prisoner because he
criticized the then government of Nigeria of Buhari’s regime. In
fact, he was tagged the greatest enemy of the country because he
was outspoken. His properties were destroyed, some seized, he
was incarcerated and his mother thrown down from a storrey
building during the invasion of his home by soldiers. “Unknown
soldiers” which is one of his music track narrates more of the
ordeal. To cut the story short, he was the only Yoruba blood who
saw the wrong in Nigeria.
Another victim is Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader. He was
brutalized, incarcerated and his home was raided by the military
after court granted him bail. Till this day, he and his parents are
nowhere to be found and the three arms of the government see
nothing wrong with that.
Nigeria is really “jaga-jaga” just as Idris sang.
Buhari came back to the throne again, now the masses are
suffering, some crying and citizens are slaughtered on daily basis
even more than animals. The “Change” promise made during
campaign don tear everybody…
Am looking for the Ma’am who taught me government as a
subject back then in school, I want to tell her that the definition of
Democracy as “Government of the people, by the people and for
the people” is not same in every country. The meaning of
Democracy in Nigeria is far different. It is Government of Hausa-
Fulani, by Hausa-Fulani, and for the Hausa-Fulanis.
“Na Hausa dey Rule Nigeria” – Fela said in his last interview with
the world press. Very true. They are the majority as alleged, so
they have to rule every time and everyone must abide by their rules
in order to breath in the geographical area known as Nigeria.
That’s Nigerian Democracy!
According to the 1953 census Nigerians numbered 35 million, until
1946 Northern and Southern Nigeria were administered as
separate territories.
“In Southern Nigeria there were tensions between the Yoruba west
and Igbo east. Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe the leader of the NCNC tried in
vain to make the NCNC a truly national party despite the fact that
its core members were Igbo. The Yorubas had the Action Group
headed up by Chief Awolowo and the Hausa/Fulani had the
Northern Peoples Congress. Their leaders were Sir Abubakar
Balewa and the Sarduarna of Sokoto Sir Ahmadu Bello. With no
agreement among the political class on whether Nigeria should be
a unitary state, a federal state or a confederation independence
was delayed. The Northerners feared the Europeanised South
would dominate and vice versa. Eventually they settled for a quasi-
federal system. The Sir Oliver Lyttleton Constitution settled the
matter. Nigeria was to be a federation of three regions; north, west
and east while Lagos became the Federal Capital Territory
administered by the central government. The 1959 General
Elections solidified the tribal nature of Nigerian politics. The NCNC
had the east, the AG had the west and the NPC had the north. The
NCNC and the NPC formed a coalition government with Sir Balewa
as Prime Minister and Dr Azikiwe as Governor-General in 1960 and
President in 1963 when Nigeria became a republic. Awolowo’s AG
became the Opposition party.” — From the book The Ikoyi Prison
Lest we forget Fela Kuti called Muhammadu Buhari “a Beast of No
Nation, Animal in crazeman skin.” And he came back as President
because the Yorubas made an alliance with the Hausa/Fulani.
Business as usual.
Just as the presidency always say, “Nigeria must remain one at all
cost”, that’s the reason the government sees nothing wrong as
Nigerian armed forces kills civilians in Southeast and Southsouth.
Jesus is still lord and will remain lord forever.
I won’t stop reminding you that what’s still keeping Nigeria
championed by Hausa-Fulani, is OIL. Take away oil, there will be
no Nigeria, Hausa-Fulani will secede at midnight before the rest of
the Indigenous groups wake up from sleep.
The masses won’t stop suffering, human blood won’t stop flowing
until we all wake up and accept that the problem fingers are
pointing at, is the exact problem.


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