The rhymes of Atiku for President—Ugo Egbujo

I will arise and go . I will go to Abeokuta. I will go to Otta. I wont
go to see any library. I will go to see Baba. I will tell him that I am
a sinner. I will tell him that I have sinned against man, nation and
God. I will kneel down. I will prostrate. I will tell him that he is a
deity. I will tell him to forgive me of my trespasses.
I will find Sheikh Gumi. I can swear by the Holy book. I will not
betray anyone again. I need this office. I will take Hassan Kukah
along. They will help me preach to Baba. Jesus didnt tell him not
to forgive sinners like me. If it proves difficult I will call in
Oyedepo. He will come. He is ready to climb seven mountains to
remove Buhari.
It is true I am Fulani. I cannot deny that. I am the son of A Fulani
herdsman. I am by their definition one ‘born to rule’ Fulani. But I
will beg Baba and beg Oyedepo. I can build baba two more libraries
if he wants. I can donate to churches. And I will promise never to
mention Bodunde again. I will never tell anyone that they stole
money from the treasury too.
They told me Baba is ready to forgive me even if I don’t come. He
has another captive already. He will set me – a Barrabas- free.
Bishop Kukah will give him holy water to wash his hands like
Pontius Pilate. And tell him that God will not punish him. He will
ask me to go and sin no more. They said he has already called
America. And they are listening. He will tell them he has paroled
Hopefully Jemila and I can go to the US for Christmas. God is
wonderful. This is my last chance. Its happening very fast. That
was why I told those idiots in Port Harcourt the other day to spare
nothing.If I hadn’t done what I did where would I have been.
I will go to White House. I will go to Buckingham Palace. I will go
If I win I will just give some rooms in Aso rock to Baba. Hopefully
he will be older and less petulant then. I am optimistic. I don’t want
his trouble.
The latter rain is falling on me. Pastor Tunde Bakare has called me
a WAZOBIA man. Everything is falling in line. Oyedepo will promote
me. He will tell them that there are two kinds of Fulanis. The
violent Buhari type. And the meek Atiku type. He will tell them God
ordained me. I will visit a few churches soon. And dance with
them. I will not be a son of perdition.
I am so happy. Sheikh Gumi will go and tell them that I am a Mai
Gaskiya too. This is my time. Wike is grumbling. But these things
will overwhelm him now. I am now too large . Too large to be a
freaking mole.
Dont mind Fayose. I will see how I can help him with the EFCC.
You know I built that place. And filled it with Adamawa boys. Sorry,
Northeast people. I will find him some soft landing. But I wont let
him and Fani Kayode come near my campaign. They have done
too much damage already.
My time has come. Wallahi my time has come. No matter what
happens now , I am a big factor. I now own the PDP. I have
recovered my sweat, the fruit of my labour. Thank God they all
heard it. That was the original plan. I was supposed to be president
in 2007. Let me not remember that man and his third term greed
I am so happy. I cant wait. They will call me President Atiku
Abubakar, GCFR, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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