Do The Complete Christian Wedding

Introduction (Informal & formal)
Engagement (traditional wedding)
Church wedding
Registry wedding

Introduction ceremony is very important for marriage preparation. It is the formal avenue to introduce the family of the bride and groom to one another. The core important people of both family must be in attendance.
There are two types of introduction. Informal introduction and formal introduction.

The informal introduction takes place at the brides home. It may be an ordinary sitting room gathering or occasion. But most importantly, it must include both parents or guardian of the bride and groom with few important relatives. It is important because, there is no time to chat and talk together closely in any other wedding programme except an informal gathering like it. This is when the both families meet formally to know one another for the first time. Here they can discuss any topic of interest about the both families, the couple or the up coming wedding events. The both family may exchange gifts if desired. But most importantly the groom’s family usually present gifts to the brides family on visit. The brides parents may return the visit after the marriage proper.

The formal introduction involves more members of both family, relatives and friends. It is a bigger event to the informal one which may be an ordinary sitting room gathering.
Members of both families are publicly introduced at the event. It could be done as part of the engagement ceremony. But some people prefer to do it as an occasion on its own. Anyhow it is done, the importance is for introducing both families to one another. It is a formal gathering or programme and so there is no time for discussions between both families like in the informal introduction.

The engagement ceremony is the most important of the marriage ceremonies. Most people see it as a traditional wedding, because it follows the traditional way of marriage of a particular tribe of people. It is accepted by the Christian folks, however christians remove any traditions against the bible or the word of God from theirs.
This is where the parents of the bride and her family release her officially or formally to her husband and his family. The bride price is paid and gifts are given to the parents of the bride and her family. This is where parental consent on the marriage is being displayed. Prayers are said to bless the union. This is a complete marriage if the couple so desired. If they are not intending to go to the church for a church blessing. The priest are to be involved in the engagement ceremony to bless the union. It is a complete Christian marriage if they can involve the priest.

The church wedding or marriage is the Christian way of blessing the union of the couple. But this cannot go on its own. The bride price should have been paid and gifts should have been offered the Bride’s family. Parental consent should have been done before the church wedding. These are supposed to have been done on the engagement day. It may not be done as a ceremony but most importantly, the bride price must be paid and gifts should be offered the bride and her family. and also, parental consent must be sought. Then the church wedding can proceed. The union of the husband and wife are sealed and blessed before God.

The last is the registry or court wedding or marriage.
It is the only official or legal marriage accepted by the government or court of law. If one has any official process to be done as a married, the marriage certificate from a registry or court must be presented by the person. For a chriatian, it is an additional process of marriage if desired or required. It is therefore not a complete marriage.