The Rules of Financial Freedom

RULE NO 1. There is Price to Pay.
RULE NO 2. There is Time to Give.
RULE NO 3. There is Patience to Observe.
RULE NO 4. There are Seeds to be Sown.
RULE NO 5. There is Education to Acquire.
RULE NO 6. There is a Process to Follow.
RULE NO 7. There are Principles of prosperity to Obey. Break
them, and remain poor.
RULE NO 8. There is Cause for Alarm when you are Poor.
RULE NO 9. Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained. No guts, No glory.
RULE NO 10. Quiters Never Win and Winners Never Quits.
RULE NO 11. The Road to Success is for Men with Fabith, not for
those that depends on fate
RULE NO 12. Poverty is a Risk, Wealth is also a Risk. Choose
RULE NO 13. The More the analyses, the More the paralyses
(analysis paralysis is a killer of enthusiasm).
RULE NO 14. Finacial Freedom is not by Chance, it is by Choice.
RULE NO 15. Your Destiny is in Your Hand. No man can determine
you freedom but you
Financial freedom is possible for those that dare to go after it!


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