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BIBLE VERSE: Then Jesus told them, “I tell you the truth, if you
have faith and don’t doubt, you can do things like this and much
more. You can even say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up
and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen
Matthew 21:21…
Don’t forget to call God in any situation you find yourself, under
minding the fact that we are all into sin…
— — — —
God is good! he heard my cry and prayer. Someone who the doctor
said is in coma was now staring at me.
“What a miracle I said to myself. I gave her a peck and ran out of
the room shouting;
ME: Doctor!! Nurse!! She has opened her eyes oo
(The doctor and two nurses rushed down to meet me)
They followed me to the room where Rukky was and did some
examining, gave her some drugs immediately, and administered
some dose of injection on her.
In the next 10mins i was left alone in the room with her. I called
Jerry, CHEKWUBE and Lillian to unveil the news to them, which
made them happy and promised to join me as soon as they can…
I stood up, about leaving to get Rukky something to eat when she
drew me back with her left hand;
ME: Sweetest sweet, hope you aren’t hurt?
RUKKY: No i’m not, please don’t leave me
ME: I want to get you something to eat, you just took some
medication on empty stomach which is not good.
RUKKY: I know but I came back because of you and not because
of food
ME: You speak in a strange tongue
RUKKY: No I don’t, if you must know I was already at the gate
between heaven and hell when some angels asked me to go back
and save you. They said you will die out of torture from my dad
and be persecuted for committing murder which you didn’t do
ME: You mean I would have gone through all this if you didn’t
come back?
RUKKY: Even more than that, I tried to reach my father from there
to tell him you weren’t the one that killed me but his number did
not connect since the network in heaven is different from the one
on earth. The only way I can get to him is through the angels but
they gave me the opportunity to come back and fixed things right.
ME: I’m happy to have you back, thanks for whipping my tears
RUKKY: Who were you having an affair with?
ME: Dear what affair do you mean?
RUKKY: I didn’t see the lady’s face clearly but I still remember her
voice and the exact words she used before shooting me on my
ME: Are you trying to say it’s a girl that shot you?
ME: Then what did she say?
RUKKY: She pointed the gun at me and said ‘You can’t have him
since I can’t have him’. I tried to ask her what the problem was but
she replied by saying ‘ask your ghost, and the beast who will join
you soon’
ME: Baby, please I’ll tell you everything but not now, just have it in
mind that I didn’t cheat on you and I love you. Rest while I go get
you what to eat
(I was about leaving when she called my name)
RUKKY: I remember the last promise I made to you before I was
ME: And what was that
RUKKY: To play dirty with you
(Instantly my curve7 arise like a compatriot)
I was trying to let her know this is not the right time and right place
for such but she insisted.
She planted her glossy lips on mine and kis_sed me like never
before. It was just as if the bullets remaining in her body has
turned her to be an iron bender (avatar), I turned her and hanged
the affected hand that was shot on the drip stand and creatively
adjust her pan_t to one corner of her labi_a .
I didn’t enter the bed but stood facing the bed, after unzipping my
Jean trouser. I inserted my two middle fingers into her juicy
sharwama to make it widened for easy penetration which makes
her moaned like before.
I closed her mouth and whispered in her ears to reduce her
sounds, I licked the ears before inserting my heavyweight curve7
in.The in and out movement of my curve7 was mechanically
supported by moment of inertia, since the frictional force wasn’t
It got to a point when I was enjoying my ride in her sharwama, it
was as if I wanted to release my natural pap (akamu) inside her
wet pussycat when someone opened the door…
I quickly removed my curve7 from her sharwama and pour all the
milky pap (akamu) on the floor as soon as I returned Lillian gaze.
She left the room immediately, while rukky package herself after
she sighted a strange lady she has not seen or heard about

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