The second term ambition of Ambode-Adeola Adelanwa

Many people have called on me to write an opinion on the above
and it is not a surprise because I had predicted as far back as May
2017 that Ambode will not be elected for a second term. My
prediction was spiritual and is based on what I termed a violation
of the basic law of God which is that one must never deprive the
needy of their source of livelihood. I will give two examples.
Ambode did this through his policies. First was the cancellation of
the Lagos Homes Project and by implication stopping the
employment of thousands of artisans such as bricklayers,
plumbers etc working on those houses. Another example was the
scrapping of the PSP waste disposal system without any thoughts
for the investments of the truck owners and the many people
employed by them. For the party faithful, the reasons they gave
were the alienation of the party, the lack of political patronage and
the god-like status he elevated himself to.
Many people have accused Tinubu of not supporting Ambode for a
second term but many fail to see that this is beyond Tinubu.
People need to understand that you hold office in trust for the
political party that is elected because without that platform you
wouldn’t be Governor. If you choose to neglect or alienate the party
you run the risk of losing that position. If Ambode truly believes he
is popular let him run for primaries in the same party or defect to
another party and test his popularity in the general elections. My
bet is that, if Tinubu is unable to pacify his troops particularly the
Mandate Group then there will be no second term for Ambode and
I hazard a further guess that Ambode will eventually endorse
Sanwoolu for the Governorship position.
For the many people who despise Tinubu’s “godfather” status in
Lagos, let me tell you that he didn’t get to that level overnight. This
is the result of strategic thinking and commitment of huge
resources to his vision. He has built a political machinery to
control the direction of government in Lagos State and no one can
wish that away. Anyone that is interested in wrestling power away
from him must be strategic and invest in building a political
machinery that will make that possible.
I have said it many times that love him or hate him you cannot
argue with his political genius. His present position on Ambode is
a demonstration of that genius because he realises that sticking by
Ambode may divide his followership. This was the same thing he
did when he listened to the voice of the multitudes before he raised
Fashola’s hands for a second term. Many of his followers will
swear by him and the reasons are obvious.
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  1. Very good ambition

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