I’ve heard stuffs like, “don’t check your husband’s phone if you
don’t want to develop hypertension.” What is in that phone that you
cannot check? Excuse me brother, what secret conversations are
you having that your wife must not see or hear about? Who are
you having secret chats with as a wife? Why are you deleting your
chats, what is in the chat you are deleting?
Emotional affair is every where! The moment you start having
secret admiration for someone who is not your spouse, you are
lusting and you need to deal with it. You can’t carry fire in your
bosom and not be burnt! The only solution to dealing with the
affair is to block that person from your life. To keep talking to
them with the false hope you will deal with the lust is to live in a
fool’s paradise. You will one day sleep with that person,
GUARANTEED! Flee youthful lust is what the Bible says, it is not
just for singles, it’s for the married as well.
There is one sure fire proof safe guard against adultery, it is
COMPLETE OPENNESS to your spouse. Never have any
conversation with any mortal your spouse must not know about. If
they are not discreet with information, you are afraid to open up or
you don’t know where to start, read my ebook: LIES THAT BREAK
MARRIAGES, it will help a lot. Both you and your spouse should
read it. It will teach you how to build trust from scratch and learn
to open up to each other.
There should be no secret opposite friend any where. The two
of you have now become one. Whatever belongs to you belongs to
them, your phone, tablet, laptop, etc belong to them. You should be
able to go to sleep whenever they go through your phone.
Some men develop high blood pressure the moment the wife picks
his phone. Some share the same password with their spouse but
have secret chats on facebook messenger! The wife can log into
his account as often as possible but will never see those secret
chats. Only the ones he wants to show will be there to see. A
marriage built on lies never lasts, it’s a matter of time, it will soon
explode and raze down to ashes!
Lots of women too are in emotional affairs. You discuss your
marital problems with male friends and have secret chats with
them. They capitalize on your info and meet the needs your
husband is unable to meet in your life, you begin to admire them,
have fondness for them, go out with them and eventually have
sex, at the end you become broken, shattered, bitter and angry at
yourself for being so cheap!
Guard your heart with all diligence is what the Holy Book says. I
do not have any secret conversation with anyone my husband
does not know about. Sooner or later, he will get to read the
Those who send me flirty messages are sending it to both of us
because we both read it and he teaches me how to respond. I do
not keep friends he does not approve of. He is quick to inform me
if any woman shows interest in him, we both discuss how to deal
with it and rest the case. We watch each other’s backs. We
monitor each other, we help each other stay pure. That is what
marriage is all about.
If you truly love your spouse, you will be opened and accountable
to them. You will allow them help you wherever you are weak with
the opposite sex. You will not only be naked in body but heart and
mind as well.
It’s TRUE INTIMACY when you can honestly open your heart to
your spouse: “honey, I think I’m getting attracted to so and so
person, please help me out” and they will not criticize, judge or
condemn you but rather, take you by the hand and help you out of
the valley of emotional confusion. That is what true intimacy really
is, that is what marriage is, that type of union is rare, it’s real
heaven on earth.

Is it right for Federal Government to dialogue and compensate killer herdsmen and bandits?
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