In my early teenage years, I took a malaria drug that reacted badly
with my system. Consequently, I had to take another drug (piriton)
to combat the constant itching that resulted. Unfortunately, the
itching never stopped and that meant I had to take 2 tablets of
piriton everyday else I would be scratching my body like a
deranged man. Any day I forgot to take the drugs, it would be hell
for me that day as I would scratch my body to the point of
bruising myself. My body was hooked. I prayed. I did everything to
stop the scratching and the daily piriton usage. Nothing worked. I
eventually reduced the dosage to one tablet in a bit to curb its
usage. This continued for years till I resigned and accepted it as
my cross. Sometime around 2005 my choir in Uyo was preparing
for a concert. On the morning of the concert, I left home early to
join my music director and a handful of people to set up and
arrange the venue. We worked till late afternoon before I suddenly
realized: I had not taken any piriton when I left the house! I
wanted to panic but I realized I hadn’t scratched my body all day
either. I couldn’t believe I could be healed just like that, and in
such circumstances, so I decided to observe it for a couple of
days. I have been free since then. If you have the opportunity to
serve (especially in God’s House), serve with all your heart-as to
God and not to man. You may never know when your miracle will
come. God is Sovereign and can meet your need anytime and
anywhere, not just during the church service. Have a great


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