The single girl’s guide to being single (i)

It can be a real downer when your clique of friends all seems to have amazing relationships and you don’t, especially when you are of ‘marriageable age’. However, this is no reason to allow it to get to you. You can be single and still have the time of your life, pending the time the right guy comes along.
How? Let me show you.
1. Understand that being single is not a death sentence
Most ladies in this situation put pressure on themselves. I know it is not so easy to go to bed and sleep with this weight but then, being single is not the end of the world. It is better to be single and alone than with a guy that will make you cry every night. Thus, make the most of the time you have for yourself.
2. Quit comparing
You may not be able to find the peace to enjoy being single because you are comparing yourself to your friends but guess what! Their relationships may not be as perfect as they seem. Even if they are, you are all different people and each person has his or her own season to bloom. Flowers don’t all bloom at the same time.
3. Don’t force it
So, maybe you found a cool guy but somehow the relationship is just not working out. Sister, just walk away. Relationships are meant to be effortless. If you are forcing it to work out, you are setting yourself up for heartache.
4. Keep stress far away
If you keep worrying about attracting the right guys you will most likely drive them away. Stress can make you look and feel older than you really are. Besides, no one likes being around anxious people so just take a chill pill.
I hope you’re getting educated. I have more to share.


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  5. Apart from all the remedies stated above involving in work or social activities helps in keeping the mind from such emotional problems

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