The story of Olawale

So I visited an uncle of mine who is also in the same career line
like myself.
He is a reputable man and a senior IT Audit personnel. He
requested I come visit him for a clarification on a computer
programming work.
I got to his hospitable home and was greatly welcomed. It’s my
first time visiting since they packed from their previous resident
area to their permanent site.
The wife made me good dishes. She has always been like that.
Beautiful woman outwardly and Inwardly.
We conversed much. I learnt a lot from him while he shared so
many experiences as regards the job.
Following on,, He left home to catch up with his friends.
So his children showed up knowing fully well Dad has gone out.
Just 2 kids: Peace and Victoria.
“Uncle Shola, carry me!” Said Victoria who loves me throwing her
up with her hands spread apart like an airplane.
“Baby, it’s okay!”
Did that a couple of times and she loved it.
Mom called her. So she ran to meet with her mom.
Peace was just there with her mobile handset in full concentration.
I stared at her for almost a minute then called out,
“Peace! Peace!!”
“Yes Uncle.”
“Come here!”
She moved close.
“No! Closer. Here beside me.”
Let me see that phone.
She looked at me like someone who had been checkmated.
” Let me see baby.”
Reluctantly she gave it to me.
Her mom walked in.
“Uncle, Peace have not been doing so well in school and we tried
getting her a private teacher but she is not improving.
I and her dad already asked her what the problem is, but she isn’t
Always saying: “Nothing Mom”
So have been worried, Next year is her Waec. And she has to catch
up quickly.”
“Peace! What’s wrong?!”
She said no words.
“That has been her since.” Her mom said. While she walked inside
the room.
While I checked her phone.
“Peace, will you tell me what’s wrong?
Is there anything at all you ain’t talking about?”
Then I saw erotic pictures and pictures of a particular boy.
“who is he? Peace!”
“My friend”
“What kind of friendship do you keep with a boy who looks like
“He is my classmate.”
I checked her whatsapp; I saw more.
Whatsapp messages of boys, older guys.
I popped in.
And I was surprised to see received and outgoing conversations on
a 14year old girl phone.
That same boy who is also her classmate is her boyfriend.
She was shy. She realized I have seen and I understand much
“Baby! Why are you shy? Look at me.
I won’t wave aside the fact that you are 14 then I tell you, it’s
wrong to have these feelings. And more over, you are grown now a
Mom don’t need to pop into some of your private affairs because
you must now be respected. And once you have reached that stage
in life; these things happens.
Do you love him? You don’t need to answer
Do the boy love you? Now tell me.”
“He says he do”
“He says!!! This boy I see here don’t.”
She looked at me.
“Tell it to me, how he do tell you.
Boldly or not.
“Don’t know.”
“How did he meet with you at first?”
“He ‘toasted’ me in front of his friends on my way home. ”
“He must have been bold”
“How old is he?”
“His name?”
“Baby, he only wants to take advantage of you, knowing fully well
you know no boundaries. And because at this stage you are, you
will crave for the attention because of the changes in your body.
He knows all you want to hear is the word “love”
In my college days, I have some of them in my class. Its a trap.
The only reason why a boy will want you to be his girlfriend now is
for him to sleep with you or play with your feelings.
He will be over there laughing with his friends while you will be
here feeling uncomfortable, missing him and messing up.
He will take your freedom, your happiness such that when you
don’t get to see him in a day, you will lock yourself up in the room
and crave for him and him alone.
Peace! Look at me. He will take your peace. You won’t be able to
focus on your studies. You will distance yourself from mom and
Dad. Then You will start hiding so many things from mom.
Soon he will request you to come to his place or a friend’s place,
where he will lure you to bed and defile you of your “precious”.
Do you get?!
Imagine it. He sleeps with you and then you become pregnant.
What are you going to do?
Immediately he sleeps with you. He has the key to your life
because you will always want to please him so as not to tell
everyone and it becomes a secret.
He will tell his friends. They will mock you.
And eventually, when you get pregnant; you won’t see him again.
You will only see his back turned at you.
He will advice you to abort. And it’s deadly.
Do you want to die?
And If you decide to keep it?
Will Dad and mom be happy with you?!
Of course they will not.
Your education will stop.
You become a drop out.
Peace look at me, you will be stopped; but nothing will stop him.
He will be free.
Then you will cry. ”
She was already in tears.
“Come here baby”
I understand that feeling.
He had not touched her. They only kissed Twice After school hour.
“It’s okay! You know what we will do?
I will call him and warn him.”
She looked at me.
“Don’t worry, he would do nothing.”
I called him. I was friendly and mean.
That’s the way to handle boys else he will make it hell for her.
I visited my uncle again, He was not around.
“Where is peace?”
“She had gone for holiday in my sister’s place”
“How is it with her now? Is there any improvement?”
“Uncle shola, she is better. Infact many times, we met her
studying, even her dad noticed. ”
“Oh! Good, thanks be to God. Hopefully, soon it will reflect in her
performance in the school.”
“Yes, her class teacher gave comment on that. Ehn! Uncle, she lost
her class mate last month.”
“What happened?! ”
” Peace said a girl was pregnant for another boy in their class. So
she was given some very dangerous drugs to use which made her
“He had been arrested and the school is on it.
The boy’s name is Olawale!”
Same boy peace told me about and whose pics I saw.
Only if there were another uncle to save the dead girl before she
fell into that deadly trap.

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