The toughest political battles in the history of Nigeria-Kola Amzat

The cloudy atmosphere that has enveloped the nation political
space in the last four weeks has subsided. Parties’ primaries have
largely been concluded. Virtually all political aspirants have known
the fates. Registered voters/delegates had eloquently spoken by
making their choices.
In all, the most striking and unforgettable was the outright rejection
of Bukola Saraki by the PDP delegates as their presidential flag
bearer in the forthcoming 2019 presidential election, at their
October 6, 2018 Port Harcourt convention. In the election, he came
a distant third, embarrassingly losing to Atiku Abubakar, the
eventual winner, whose votes was five times, his, and Aminu
Tambuwal, who came second and whose total votes also doubled
his own.
An historic decision! What a resounding voices of Nigerians to
reject an over-ambitious bigot and renowned megalomaniac, who
always prepare to sacrifice just anybody, just anything, to get to
position of authority! Who wouldn’t reject the leadership of a
Marxist, who in fact sacrificed his own father, to achieve political
Who wouldn’t reject a self-ambitious Emperor, who devilishly
collaborated with opposition parties, through several nocturnal
meetings, to upturn the good plans of the party, which offered him
platform for political victory! Who wouldn’t treated with a long
spoon, a supposed member of a party, who used the same political
office he attained, with the ladder provided by the same party, to
frustrate the entire programs of the party, thus denying generality
of Nigerians dividends of democracy! Who wouldn’t run away for a
senate president who single-handedly closed the national
assembly for upward of three months, in pursuance of vain glory
and self-ambition!
Even, the political goodwill, that he erroneous believes, he has built
across the nation, through senators, who he selfishly pampered
with juicy chairmanship positions and other allures of office
couldn’t help him, as they all deserted him, when it mattered most.
In his believe, he probably thought Nigerians are fools and were not
keeping watch of his ignoble activities in the national assembly.
Nigerians electorates beam searchlights at their leaders
irrespective of the party affiliations, so, a leader who constantly
chose to sow the seed of discord and disunity, as well as failing the
test of leadership, would always meet his waterloo.
Obviously, now in his moment of solitude, he should face the
reality that, his political kingdom does not extend beyond Kwara
state and even, this perceived dominance, is in a short while. So,
what’s the way out for the self-imposed Kwara political warlord?
It’s certain, that curtain will soon be drawn on his tenure as senate
president, on resumption of plenary sessions at the national
assembly, so, his relevance at the national level, may likely comes
to a close, except for him to hang onto ‘national leader’ of PDP
status hurriedly conferred on him by Uche Secondus.
Will Saraki swallow his pride and return for political rehabilitation,
to the duo of President Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the two
leaders he has severally derided, insulted and disrespected in the
recent past or will he return to Kwara to pick a reserved PDP
senatorial ticket of Kwara central senatorial districts?
He will prefer to opt for the latter, but, the challenge here is that;
Kwara state has suddenly becomes attractive to APC and the party
will do everything humanly possible to reclaim the state from the
political vultures. Therefore, Saraki and his faithful should prepare
for the toughest political battles of their life comes 2019.

Do you support calls for President Buhari resignation?
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