The truth behind Ambrose Ali Pardon

He Was Jailed 130
Years. Court Cleared Him of all Charges. He came out Blind and
died shortly. Was A Teacher & As a Governor Had No House
Where His body was laid.
Buhari jails a man in the cruelest of conditions, a man who as
governor built two universities (AAU, Abraka) at least two colleges
of education, over 100 secondary schools, a man who gave us rice,
notebook and pencils in primary school, something Buhari as two-
time president, one time governor, MD NNPC, etc etc can never
ever ever ever ever achieve… A man who unlike Buhari, was bold
enough to publicly declare his asset and which was ONE
UNCOMPLETED STORY BUILDING, Buhari kills him by denying him
treatment in jail
This is a professor jailed by a Buhari that forged WAEC result
before our very eyes on Premium Times
This is a man that has touched the life of almost all former
Bendelites with his developmental strides again including building
schools, something Buhari has never done in this life (Book is
haram forbidden)
Buhari jails a good man and refuses this prisoner healthcare
As hypertension, glaucoma etc etc renders Ambrose Folorunsho
IBB releases him from prison
But then already too late
Ambrose Alli dies shortly after
A thief in the eyes of the TRIBUNAL (not law court. No decent one
will convict Alli)
And this murderer comes today to say he wants to grant Alli
presidential pardon?
Alli’s wife and kids do not live here anymore. They want nothing to
do with Nigeria
Dele Alli, his relative plays for Tottenham and England and played
AGAINST Nigeria.
Alli’s wife swore she would have nothing to do with this country
Buhari, it is you that need their pardon
Keep your effing pardon. Ambrose Alli and Ogbemudia have
already shown us what good governors and leaders are. You are a
pale comparison.
Pssst, first get your WAEC result and then come and pardon a
professor. And while at it, declare your asset publicly like Alli did
let us know who is the thief. And show us the schools you Buhari
built as governor of all
where Boko Haram controls now.
We who are old enough to… we remember. Ambrose Alli, Lateef
Jakande, Ogbemudia…we know the best governors of all time.

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