The truth behind Buhari, Tinubu and APC

Bola Tinubu is undoubtedly aware that Buhari is everything aside
Presidential. He knows Buhari has failed and has no single iota of
capacity to deliver in that office. Yes, he knows yet he keeps on
supporting Buhari for a second term in office…. Why??
Bola Tinubu never expected that Buhari would last this long given
his sickly tendencies. The cabal surrounding Buhari is well aware
of this but the “vulture” keeps hanging on.
2019 approaches and Tinubu’s calculations haven’t changed. He
would push the effigy into 2019 expecting him to fall by the way
side for his stooge to sit atop the stool. If he doesn’t fall off,
Tinubu expects Buhari who won’t be on the ballot in 2023 to
support him to become President. Very laughable calculations!!!
Meanwhile, Tinubu is the only face the Northern oligarchy in APC
doesn’t want to see in the party!! Buhari is unfortunately the
oligarch’s hand stringed puppet who is scarcely aware of
anything!! In effect, Tinubu relies on the filings of a non existent
fossil!! I feel for him.
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was for long touted as a master
strategist but events have shown he was just lucky enough to be
able to amass so much questionable wealth in a seriously broken
country without being questioned. He has shown by his political
decisions that he has neither brilliance, intelligence nor strategic
planning. Tinubu hopes to be crowned King in a land filled with
people who wish to skin him alive.
Should Buhari win in 2019, the greatest casualty would be Bola
Tinubu and his political gang. The North would work overtime to
break and decimate him and they scarcely pretend about that!!
Tinubu’s only hope is for the grim reaper to be fast to act.
If I were Tinubu, I would simply take a holiday from politics, recoil
and make lesser enemies. As it stands, he is a General without a
battalion as deep trenches has been dug all around him by his friends.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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