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You think that it will come waltzing
into your life and make everything all right with a smile and a
dance. That once they enter your life everything will seem magical
and beautiful again. And sometimes it does. But not always. What
nobody tells you is that you will have to look into someone’s
deepest flaws and learn to accept them. That you will have to
accept they may have loved someone before and given their whole
selves to them. That you will have to deal with those memories
being some of the sweetest ones in their life. And that maybe no
matter what you do, some semblances of them will always remain.
What nobody tells you is that the person who may appear as the
most amazing person to you at the start would be discovered to be
as just another human being with their own insecurities and fears.
And sometimes you will have to be strong when you don’t feel like
it and hold them close just so they can feel better. That love won’t
end your problems and may sometimes even create them but you
will never feel like giving up on it. And that’s the thing about love.
That no matter how many hardships you come across, you don’t
want to end it. You want to power through it. Because despite
everything, you love it when she sends you weird selfies and eats
up all your food. You love it when she thinks she doesn’t look
good but for you, there’s no one more beautiful. Because earlier
when spending forever with a girl scared you to death, with this
one it just feels natural. And when you hold her close it feels so
comforting. When she falls asleep on your arm, you know that
there is no other girl whom you would let do this. Maybe years
later when you have a daughter you may have to lie to her that she
is more beautiful than her Mom but in your heart you know, no
other girl can ever replace her. Yes, nobody tells you about the
ugly side of love because it’s not that important. You’re going to
love them no matter what anyway. And that, is what love is all

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