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A work of fiction.
It was Samuel’s naming ceremony, he was a week old. And as
Lucy got ready to serve breakfast to the host of people that came
to grace the occasion, she couldn’t help but marvel at the chain of
events that led to his birth.
Her aunt Celine had been having miscarriages. She had had 5
miscarriages in 4 years.
Her marriage was shaky because of that.
A month or more into her pregnancy, she starts to bleed.
They had been to a ‘prophet man’ who told them Celine’s mother in
the village was eating her unborn babies. Uncle John, aunt Celine’s
husband was infuriated to say the least.
He resented her.
She cut off her mum.
And her sorrows began.
Her husband told her that her witch-mum ate all their babies and
that sleeping with her was of no importance. He will play no role in
feeding her mum’s spiritual hunger with his babies, he told her.
The ‘prophet man’ had suggested she poison her mum and her
sorrows will be over. She couldn’t bring herself to do it so she
ostracised her instead.
He moved to the guest room.
He called her barren.
Her pillows were her comfort.
They hid her deepest secrets.
The midnight tears.
And prayers.
Lucy was in her third year in medical school at the time. Her
course for the semester required extensive study on Rhesus
factor. The little plus or minus sign accompanying the blood group.
She had never known it was of such importance.
She rang aunt Celine the moment her lecturer left the class.
“Aunt Celine, grandma is not eating your babies. It is the Rhesus
incompatibility. You are Rhesus negative uncle John is
positive…….blah blah blah…..dah dah dah….yada yada yada.” Lucy
could not hide her excitement.
“Calm down Lucy, I can’t make out a thing you are saying. Who is
Rhesus what?” Aunt Celine said.
“I know you are negative, my mum is too. Uncle John is positive,
that is why you have those miscarriages. I will be coming next
weekend, we’ll talk more.” Lucy said as she dropped the call.
The weekend could not come faster. She was in a bus to aunty
She sat them both and picked a big sheet of paper and explained
the Rhesus compatibility.
“The little plus or minus sign above the blood group is Rhesus
factor. Many people think it is useless but it is not. It is a protein
on the layer of the red blood cell. 85% of the world population have
it so they are Rhesus positive while a few 15% do not possess the
protein so they are Rhesus negative.
In a case like yours, where the mum is negative and the dad is
positive, The dad gives the mum a positive baby. Her own body
does not recognise what Rhesus factor is, so her body secretes
antibodies to fight it. By so doing, the red blood cells in the babies’
bodies are destroyed faster than their body can reproduce it. The
process is called haemolytic anaemia. This then leads to their
“So, I kill my babies by mistake?” Aunt Celine said crying.
“It’s not your fault. It can be corrected so look at the good side.
Plus mama is not a witch” Lucy said feeling fulfilled.
“We’ll visit our gynaecologist tomorrow” uncle John said as he
exited the room.
He didn’t seem to believe what Lucy was saying but he was willing
to try, and that was enough.
The gynaecologist confirmed Lucy’s suspicion. He recommended
Some injections and a follow up during her next pregnancy.
So today, as Lucy served the guest, she sighted prophet Loko who
was not exactly happy; aunt Celine and uncle John did not honour
his request to testify in his temple: that he prayed for them and
they got their miracle baby.

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