The vice president Osinbajo is inconsistence on restructuring

Restructuring is very important to us as a people and as a nation.
But we also have to be careful with what we mean by
restructuring. One of the issues raised, which I agreed with, is that
states should be able to control their resources, control their own
security, be able to generate more income and exercise greater
freedom… We discussed security and we believe we should do
more. We agreed that people feel more secure when they can
control their security, which brings to the fore the issue of state
police. It will give them confidence.

VP Osinbajo, April 6, 2018.

I want to say that this country is strongest, this country is best
when we are one, when we are united. It is a united country that
can make a difference. We are fully in support of any form of
restructuring that will benefit the people of our country…We are
also keenly supportive of anything that gives a measure of
independence for states so that the states can realise their own
potential and do very well for themselves in every way.

VP Osinbajo, June 20, 2018.

It is about managing resources properly and providing for the
people properly, that is what it is all about…I served for eight
years as Attorney General in Lagos State and one of the chief
issues that we fought for in Lagos State was what you call fiscal
federalism. For example, we went to court to contest the idea that
every state should control, to a certain extent, its own resources;
we were in court at that time up to the Supreme Court and the
court ruled that oil-producing states should continue to get 13 per
cent derivation. While we were at the Supreme Court only the oil-
producing states and Lagos were interested in resource control,
everybody else was not interested in resource control for obvious
reasons…Now, that is the way the argument has always gone,
those who have the resources want to take all of it, while those
who do not have want to share from others.

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