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When the Nigerian military claimed they were only out on routine military exercise, I never believed they were there to murder Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. I underrated the Fulani led Nigerian military. But as events continued to unfold from that 10th of September 2017, when the untold happened, when the military invaded a civilian residence, my elder brother told me categorically that if the Nigerian government gets to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, they will kill him. He said that killing Nnamdi Kanu was their mission, that the military exercise story is just mere diversionary cock and bull story. I did not believe him completely, asking myself how the government can waste such a man who commands the respect of both Igbos, Ijaws, Efiks and other parts that make up Biafra, with millions of youths ready to die for the Biafra he is championing? My brother also told me to remember the inhumane and degrading treatments the Nigerian military meted on the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, El Zakzaki and his followers when they went to his House, killed his sons, brought him out, beat him red and blue to stupor, carried him like a goat on a wheelbarrow and mocked him while carrying him around. They left him with a smeared left eye, before dumping him and his wife in their military dungeon where they have remained till now with no justice or court appearance. Also in his house on that faithful night, the military went on rampage, killing men, women and children in a manner that can be best described as “harvest of blood or festival of blood”. It was so gory that the victims were hurriedly buried in shallow graves by same hands that killed them without mercy. Some they shot point blank while others were burnt alive. However, on the backdrop of that beastly act, Kaduna state government counted more than 300 bodies buried by the military when there was outrage both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria about the ugly incident which led to the same state government instituting an inquiry committee to investigate the matter

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